time to express gratitude..

it's thanking time again! :)

green coffee at my loneliness (a belated birthday gift)

through pinoy bloggers, a networking site for filipino bloggers, i met kuya mann of ransom. he is a poetic person. he writes to express what he feels and to show his mere observations in his daily life. he is even a member of poetry dances in which he is overly qualified. :)

to kuya mann, i thank you so much for this: green coffee at my loneliness

One night you knocked
in the hands of my clock
distressing my back
relieving my shock

Thinking when, thinking how
pressures overflow
working when, working how
arises my sorrow

But a few minutes have passed
there you came in a vast
viewed my thoughts like a mint grass
cooling my emotions so fast

Looking forward to this enthusiast
like a green coffee that awaken us
a sweet girl from the city of eagle
will stay longer everytime we mingle

read more of his compositions by clicking HERE

goodie awards

special mention to jelai of "my deviation", gee of "the second realm", hari ng sablay of "tambay", and gello kun of "malevolic demise", for these awards. you know naman kung san dito yung ibinigay niyo. thank you so much! :)

pero walang tatalo kay hari ng sablay na nagbigay ng twelve awards. :)

these awards are for all of you.

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