three days vacation and i'm back..

when i was away..
i spent most of my time with baby ivo.

i'm not a baby-friendly person not until baby ivo came..
i so love this pamangkin of mine even if he constantly pull the strands of my hair down, even if he enjoys punching me in the face, even if he plays with his saliva (which, btw, is so disgusting!), even if he always want me to carry him (not to mention he's so heavy) and even if he does all the little things that i dislike.. still, I LOVE HIM.
picture on the left: i was playing with him.
picture on the right: the latest picture frame of ivo.

i partied all night long to celebrate ate yeng's 35th birthday.

it was hosted by my tita who just came home for a vacation from dubai.
she chose veranda ii hotel and seafood restaurant for her hawaiian party.
there were foods on the pool side, there were drinks in the table..
AND there was a band serenading the guests and a great disco too!

i attended my kuya's wedding.

all i can say is: "FINALLY. HE'S MARRIED."

before the wedding.

i'm really the MAID of honor. :D

when i came home..

i thought it was for me.

when i arrived at my place last night, i hurried to check the package under the center
table in the living room. i thought it was for me, then, i found out, it wasn't.
haaay. the package. i miss receiving packages. :(

but heyyyyy. i'm fine! i may have not received a package from him but
i got a bigger package from ate yeng! OPTIMISM.

i uploaded the pictures i got from kuya mark.

click HERE to view the photos.

i received a very sensible comment from ate ganda in one of my blog posts.
it says:
"moving on is easier said than done. but just like learning to love someone, moving on is also a CHOICE. he may cross your mind every now and then but then u also have to remember your worth as a woman and as a person. daanin mo na lang sa WILLPOWER... one foot after the other, before you know it hindi mo na pala sya naiisip... and you learn to be happy without him beside you and without him on your thoughts.

you may only be 18 yrs old but i understand that what you're feeling is real. it's never right to tell someone na "bata ka pa, lilipas din yan, madami pa dyan" coz i know what you feel right now is what makes YOU. so go ahead, let LIFE teach you its course. don't rush your feelings. if u still feel sad or hurt, let the sadness teach you its lessons. like what i always remind myself, treat time as your friend rather than an enemy. coz moving on is a long healing process but believe me, you'll get there SOMEDAY."

i received two awards from kuya crisi and i'll pass it soon.

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