i woke up this morning expecting that my door would open and see him make his way to kiss me on the cheek to tell me to get up for breakfast. every morning, since the day he came home (april 26), he would go to my room and wake me up with his kiss and sweet words "mata na akong princesa." ("get up my princess.") but this morning, it was different. nobody entered my room and i wasn't so happy about the new day..


may 23, 2009. around 12 in the afternoon. davao airport.
i kissed him good bye and promised him that i'll be a good girl while he's away.. i hugged him tight as i tell him "I LOVE YOU PAPA."

i hate it every time that moment comes into our lives – the one where we bid each other good bye for we will be physically separated again for long months. my dad works abroad. he would go home every year and spend only 45 days with us. it has been that way for nineteen long years..

he decided to work abroad when i was 4 years old.. the company he was working then was having some problems and he felt the necessity of looking for another job before the situation gets worse. fortunately, he has a friend who helped him get a new job in papua new guinea. i know that my dad didn't want to leave us (me, my mom and younger brother) but he has no choice but to work away from us.. it's either he stays here in the philippines and let us all suffer or he works miles away and provide us with the kind of life he has always dreamed of..


my dad maybe far away from me but he makes sure that distance won't bring us apart from each other. he gets to call everyday to check how i'm doing and what's new with my life.. thanks to SMART! Simply Amazing. :)

i love my dad so much..

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i salute my dad and all the other overseas Filipino workers (ofw)..
who make a living not only for themselves but also for their families and friends
who never gets tired of working hard to provide their loved ones with good lives
who sacrifice the times when they could have stayed with the persons they love in order to give them not just what they need but also what they want
who remain strong despite all the adversities that they have experienced and are experiencing
who bear the pains to paint a smile on the faces of the persons they love most
who have faith in themselves


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