in loving memory..

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love." - Leo Buscaglia

just this week, i lost two persons closely related to me. they died on different incidents..

kuya daryll

i was on my way back to my province when i received a message from my tita asking me if how true that kuya daryll, the brother of my close friend / batch mate, died. i was, of course, shocked, upon hearing the question that my tita raised. i answered her with a question, “who told you te?” she said that her friend’s daughter passed her a message saying “please pray for the repose of the soul of daryll..” that kind of message is common to our place. many people have been using the availability of cellphone to spread some fake information about the death of certain persons only to find out in the end that those aren’t true. so, i didn’t mind what my tita told me on that afternoon for i thought that it's just another prank message from someone who has nothing to do with his/her life..

the other day, i went out strolling with my guy friend.. as we passed different remarkable places, we talked about some stuff until we had “kuya daryll’s death” as a topic. then, he confirmend that that kuya died of pneumonia..

i couldn’t believe what i’ve just found out. he can’t be dead. he's such a nice person, a real one, a fighter. he just got his bachelor’s degree in nursing.. a bright future awaits him. and now, IT’S OVER. at a very young age of 22, he passed away.

kuya daryll..
- was one of the band officers who used to give me bobbers (a kind of military punishment) every time i come late to the practice
- was one of those who encouraged me to never give up despite all the hardships that come my way
- was one of the persons who taught me how to fight against the things that bring me down..

tito sonny boy

everybody in the family was so happy when the bar exam 2008 results came out. everyone’s pride and joy was tito sonny who passed the philippine bar examination 2008.. parties. thanksgiving. a new lawyer has come to the family.. the whole kin celebrated with glee.

it sounds great, isn’t it? certainly it was until my mom received a call from his cousin, a dentist, informing her that their cousin died because of a gun shot. he was rushed on the hospital. dead on arrival.

what’s worse about what happened?
he has a family – a wife and kids. who would take good care of them now?
grandma just came home from dubai and she was welcomed by a very bad news. needless to say, she was so shocked.. i just pray that she would be able to bear the pain and accept what happened to her son.

another unbelievable thing.. tito sonny entered law school, studied proper law for four years and reviewed for the bar examination only to be found dead because some anti-life individual shot him? the person who killed him is a heartless beast. whoever that person is, i pray that God may forgive what he has done and that he may be guilty for the rest of his life for he has taken the life of an innocent man.

at a very young age of 29, tito sonny, a 53 days old lawyer, died.

good bye to mr. daryll ytom and atty. sonny anthony cortes.
may their souls rest in peace.

death is our sure destiny.

i know that someday, i will also leave this world just like what they have done. i just hope not now, not too soon. i still have many things left undone and many words left unsaid.

the thought of dead frightens me. how about you?

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