i'm so glad i have you!

i know the day is about to end but it's never to late to post a blog entry
about mother's day 2009..

"it would take a thousand workers to build a castle, a million soldiers to
protect its country. but it only takes one woman to build a happy home."

thank you so much mama for being the "ilaw ng tahanan", for being a good wife to my dad, for taking good care of us (family), for cooking my favorite meals, for allowing me to hug you everytime i feel so down, for not leaving despite my unwanted-at-times attitude, for being the mediator between me and my brother everytime we get into a fight, for being hospitable to all my friends, for giving me the signature things you have even if you really want it the most, for LOVING ME, MY DAD and MY LITTLE BROTHER UNCONDITIONALLY.

surely, without you, we (me, papa and jr) are nothing.


the pope

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