Tuesday, May 5

i so love her.

11 letters / 2 words / 1 meaning.

this is how the things in my bed looked like when ken (my bff) arrived at my place.
she's used to it naman eh - my topsy-turvy place. :D

one of our rituals: before leaving my room, we always make sure
to check ourselves in front of my mirror.

i so love her.

yes. pang-back seat lang akong beauty for that day. LOL.
i'm glad my princess finally found his prince..

2 cheeseburgers. 1 french fries. 2 halo-halo. 1 box of toblerone.
for the longest time, we haven't had food trip na kami lang. we usually do it with
kenny or some other friends.. thank God he's not with us. haha. mean.

isn't she lovely? i love my miga.

click HERE for more photos


thank you..
for being my first commenter.


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