Tuesday, May 5

i am hoping..

this is the message i got from my ex-dormmate / friend / ka-inuman (at times) / mcdo buddy:

algene..on behalf of christine,i am so sorry we can't make it to your birthday.di jud kaya sa time.sorry kaayo.but really,don't let it ruin your special day.we love you still algene.mwah.ang gift nimu imail nako sa dorm sa june.naa naman ko manila so di na nako mahatag sa imu ug personal.please send my sincerest apology to your family,algene..sorry talaga.

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ouch. i was expecting that she and ate tin will be with me on my 18th birthday party.. they promised me that they'll be there but unfortunately, they can't make it due to some things. ate chloe will be having her job interview at manila while ate tin will be taking an entrance test for law school on may 9, 2009.. the original plan was: i'll ask my tito to pick them at davao city on the day of my birthday and send them back to the city right after my party.. BUT it was changed because they need to study and to prepare for their appointments.. they have a very hectic schedule and they can't make way for my party. and oh, not to mention that i will be celebrating my debut here in bislig city which is 5-6 hours of travel away from davao..

both of them will not be coming on my party. my addu friends will not be coming too. same as my upmin friends, my high school batch mates, my 'kada and my first love. some of them are taking summer classes, some are oceans away from me and some are busy with their life after their 2009 graduation..

do you think i'd still be able to smile on my special day? maybe i can. who knows?

my family, my bffs and some of my close friends will be there naman eh. of course, i'd be happy but i guess i'd be happier if all the people so close and dear to my heart will be gracing with me my 18th birthday..

sana maging mas masaya pa ako..

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