Sunday, May 10

the day before my special day.

i was so busy for the past three days because of my 18th birthday party. i just can't sit in my room, face my laptop and blog about anything while my mom is so busy with the preparations. of course, i have to help even if i didn't ask my parents to throw a party for me..

on may 7, 2009, the day before the said party, i went to paper country inn hotel and restaurant to attend the cotillion practice and to check the decorations at the function hall. after that, i went back at home with some of my friends and cousins, had lunch with them and slept in my room. around 3 in the afternoon, i went to the bank to do the transaction my mother asked me and headed to some places with my bff. the last place we went was the boulevard.

check the photos below! :)

thanks much my cotillion dancers!

(prettie, yvonne, annevi, shekinah, honey, michelle, greta, mayrel, lenyme, diana
tope, jervis, kenny, keith, zaide, jan al, joe albert, andrew, gilbert, reginald)

nice. ang gugulo ni'yo.

right after the practice.
(from left to right: kenna, me, marian, annevi, mayrel)

it's the same pose on a different day.
view here.

i so love you my bff!

i love the full moon.
it makes me think of something..

view more photos HERE

the pope

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