blooms @ 18.

finally, i have uploaded all the photos taken on my debut party last may 8, 2009.

the pictures uploaded in this album are my favorite ones. i have posted the other pictures in different folders. you can click the link below to view the photos.
from my friends
taken using my camera
from kuya mark
blooms @ 18 (part 2)
blooms @ 18 (part 3)
blooms @ 18 (part 4)

thank you so much for this kuya mark! :)

i so love you ogie. :D
thanks for my hair and make-up.

never leaving my phone on my special day.

green butterflies mean a lot to me. A LOT.
btw, thanks tita yeng for this.

thanks lenyme and ken for helping me..

feeling princess :)

one big happy family.
i just can't imagine my life without them.

i so love my cake.
thanks kuya we of wee cake. :)

green. flowers.

i'll always be their little girl. :)

BLOOMS @ 18.

cheers for the ENDINGS and the NEW BEGINNINGS.

i'll always love to dance with my father.

thanks for the 18 roses and for the 18 candles. :)

18 princesses. :)


i so love you mutienians!
(from l to r: paul, honey, me, brizza, charlemagne)
only 4 attended my party dahil sa summer classes but i still enjoyed the night. :)

i don't love myself. i'm crazy with myself.

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