at 18..

another set of pictures taken on my 18th birthday.
these are all taken using my goodie-oldie camera. :D

thanks much to alfreda for this gown. you have been my designer since highschool. thanks! :)

sending sms and eating chocolates while waiting for the make-up artist.
i so love toblerone!

chamdor. the best wine i've ever tasted. it's so sweet.

thanks to those who gave me presents. :)
(especially to mom for the prada wallet, dad for my new laptop, joe albert for the paulo coehlo's books, hershey for my portrait, ate arlene for the necklace with the jade pendant and tita yeng for the gold bracelet and silver necklace..)

should i say, "yes, i'm already 18!" :) or "hayy. i'm 18 na.." :(

view the photos taken by my friends by clicking HERE.
i will upload the photographer's pictures soon (soon. maybe this afternoon).

click HERE to view more photos


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