okayyy. here are the copies of the pictures taken during my debut party.. i got them all from my friends. i will upload soon the photos taken by my official photographer. but i will be only uploading the selected ones. :)

to all my friends who are waiting for the said pictures, i am so sorry..
it's just that i'm so busy with some stuff..

to brizza, jervis and queene, thanks for these pictures..

i'm still 18. :)

i'll always be my daddy's little girl.

thank to you my cotillion dancers!

(from l to r: jhang, greta, me, annevi, prettie)

feeling celebrity. LOL.

i love you so much brizza and jhang!

with queene.

just when i was about to cry, i received a call..

thanks for it. you know who you are..

more uploads soon. ;)

click HERE to view more photos


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