How Do I Choose Good Skin Firming Cream?

Saturday, May 23

How Do I Choose Good Skin Firming Cream?

If you have noticed the skin under your eyes looking saggy and baggy, you may want to consider investing in a quality, skin firming face cream or eye cream that will give your face a lift. Skin firming products are made to help reverse the effects of aging that lead to loose skin under your eyes. For some people, using skin firming products may seem like foreign advice. Their first instinct is probably to reach for makeup to cover any of their flaws from aging. However, makeup will do nothing to keep loose skin from reappearing and becoming worse day after day.

Getting enough sleep, eating right, and quitting smoking can all help you on your way to healthier skin, but choosing a skin firming cream to tighten your under eye skin will help you wake up in the morning looking refreshed instead of tired.

How do I choose good skin firming cream?

Plenty of face creams and firming creams are on the market competing for your business. You may be tempted to go to the nearest supermarket or mass merchandiser and grab the first cream you see. This is not the best way to choose a product for your face. Instead, you should begin using the internet to research a quality firming cream. Skin firming cream that works well will contain certain active ingredients to repair the damage caused by time and the sun. In addition, the internet can provide you with a source of customer reviews that can inform you about products that work or do not work for other people. Several websites, such as, offer skin firming products from a variety of manufacturers and allow you to compare product information and customer reviews.

What ingredients should I look for in a skin firming cream?
Vitamins are some of the best ingredients to have in your skin firming products. Specifically, Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol), which are both free radical fighting antioxidants, should be in any quality, skin firming face cream. Vitamin A encourages the growth of new, fresh skin cells and helps get rid of old, sagging skin cells. It also increases collagen production in your skin to help tighten and smooth the outer surface. Vitamin E repairs old, damaged skin and protects new, fresh skin from further damage. These two vitamins are a powerful combination to have in any skin firming cream.

What else should a skin firming face cream contain?
Obviously, a quality skin firming cream will contain more than just two ingredients. Other vitamins, such as Vitamin C will help rebuild damaged collagen. Vitamin K can get rid of any dark circles that are accenting the bagginess. Some other natural ingredients to search for on the ingredient labels are licorice extract, Kojic acid, caffeine, peptides, and seaweed extract. All of these components of quality skin firming products work toward tightening your skin, replacing damaged collagen, and reducing discoloration. When skin firming products are made from natural components, they give your skin the nutrients it craves to restore itself.

What are some examples of quality skin firming face creams?
There are several quality skin firming creams with good reviews. Some will work to firm skin on your entire face and others are designed with the specific needs of your eyes in mind. If you have a difficult time choosing which cream would be the best for you, you could start with MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Eye Crème. Or, you might prefer Ageless Derma’s Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream. These are just two good examples of skin firming face creams that could help you to get rid of baggy, saggy eyes and have firmer, younger looking skin.

As founder of Focus Medical Spa in Orange County, California, Dr. Mostamand is accustomed to hearing glowing feedback from thousands of grateful clients. Since 2004, his medical spa has offered non-invasive aesthetic procedures and physician grade skincare solutions to women seeking to rejuvenate and restore their damaged or aging skin.

In an effort to expand his ability to assist clients seeking to restore and maintain their youthful appearances, Dr Mostamand founded a skin care website. Since 2006, has been dedicated to providing complimentary skincare consultations as well as easy access to more than 4,000 of the most effective, physician grade anti-aging skincare products available.

Dr. Mostamand is a prolific writer who enjoys introducing his clients to the science and documented research that supports Ageless Derma’s effectiveness.  His well-received book, Ageless Skin Obsession, provides valuable insight into the latest skincare research and the assists readers in making educated decisions in their quest to capture the essence of ageless skin.  
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Friday, May 15

i love you miga..

i've had a great afternoon and night with my
always-out-of-the-world-but-super-lovable-and-sweet best friend..

we met at PNB.
we went to mercury drugstore to buy something.
she bought an eyeliner at avon store.
i bought blush-on at ever bilena store.
we went to jhang's place.
we stayed at my room the whole afternoon and night.
we ate biscuits and chocolates.
we drank iced tea.
we watched shows from discovery channel and fashion tv.
we watched one more chance. (LOL)
we ate dinner together.
we took pictures of ourselves.
we laughed and laughed.

hhmmn. akala ko ba diet? haha.

it's a cold friday night. thanks to stripes (my cute teady) for the free HUGS!

ayy. i love her new bangs!

our line for the day: "chivalry is still alive." LOL.

isn't it great having a best friend whom you know
will always be at your side no matter what happens?

share your great days with your BFF/S! :)

view more photos HERE

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at 18..

another set of pictures taken on my 18th birthday.
these are all taken using my goodie-oldie camera. :D

thanks much to alfreda for this gown. you have been my designer since highschool. thanks! :)

sending sms and eating chocolates while waiting for the make-up artist.
i so love toblerone!

chamdor. the best wine i've ever tasted. it's so sweet.

thanks to those who gave me presents. :)
(especially to mom for the prada wallet, dad for my new laptop, joe albert for the paulo coehlo's books, hershey for my portrait, ate arlene for the necklace with the jade pendant and tita yeng for the gold bracelet and silver necklace..)

should i say, "yes, i'm already 18!" :) or "hayy. i'm 18 na.." :(

view the photos taken by my friends by clicking HERE.
i will upload the photographer's pictures soon (soon. maybe this afternoon).

click HERE to view more photos


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okayyy. here are the copies of the pictures taken during my debut party.. i got them all from my friends. i will upload soon the photos taken by my official photographer. but i will be only uploading the selected ones. :)

to all my friends who are waiting for the said pictures, i am so sorry..
it's just that i'm so busy with some stuff..

to brizza, jervis and queene, thanks for these pictures..

i'm still 18. :)

i'll always be my daddy's little girl.

thank to you my cotillion dancers!

(from l to r: jhang, greta, me, annevi, prettie)

feeling celebrity. LOL.

i love you so much brizza and jhang!

with queene.

just when i was about to cry, i received a call..

thanks for it. you know who you are..

more uploads soon. ;)

click HERE to view more photos

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Get a New Look for Summer

Wednesday, May 13

Get a New Look for Summer

The summer season has a similar effects to New Year; people suddenly realise they want to lose a few pounds, organise their personal lives, have laser eye surgery and arrange an enviable summer wardrobe. It’s unsurprising really, with more flesh being bared, lighter nights for meeting up with friends and things generally feeling less morbid than the cold and gloomy winter. Here are some current trend ideas that you may want to take inspiration from. 


For men, the options are pretty much either the quiff or the comb over. Whatever colour and length, these styles can be adapted for most ages, face shapes and styles. If you’re feeling brave, wear it long and messy on top, or for the more conservative male, maybe introduce a parting and test run the comb over. If you get a clever cut, you can even wear your hair both ways, depending on the occasion.

For the ladies, it’s all about the waves, whatever the length. Beachy, tousled locks look laid back and sexy, whatever the colour. Plus, next to no styling is needed, which is a huge bonus. To dress up the waves, wear them in a high ponytail or with a pretty French plait at the front.
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Saturday, May 2

i take time to BLOG..

below are the photos taken during my three-days vacation with my family at the island golden city of samal, specifically at the paradise island beach and park resort..

yes. i wish i was taller. LOL.

even in my vacation, i take time to

what's inside my beach bag?

1. nokia e63 phone
2. sony ericson w700i phone
3. make-up kit
4. passport
5. camera case
5. shades
(i never leave the house without my #'s 1, 3 and 4. :D)

i love it at the playground. i'm a kid at heart. :)

daddy's little girl.

smile. smile. smile.

the pictures have the lowest resolution and the image size is VGA e-mail. nakalimutan ko kasing i-set eh.. stupid me!

view more photos HERE

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