Thursday, April 30

when it gets boring..

i was tagged by a friend on facebook.
i found the survey nice so i decided to answer it and tag some of my blogger friends. :)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..

ten things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now
(don't tell us who it is)

1. "i thank you for everything.."
2. "i'm so sorry for the times when i make you feel bad. "
3. "hey. i'm still here.."
4. "friends are all we ever could be. i hope you understand.."
5. "someday, you'll be proud of me. i promise that.."
6. "i love you so much!"
7. "stop me. please."
8. "please don't take from me the best and don't give me the worst."
9. "you think you know me? nah. i guess you're wrong."
10. "omg!"

nine things about yourself:
1. unpredictable
(i don't even understand myself at times..)
2. happy-go-lucky girl
3. feeling princess
(thanks to my daddy!)
4. optimistic5. friendly6. helpful
7. impatient!
(i'm super impatient. i always want things to happen right away. i hate waiting for somebody to come. i hate it when something or somebody comes late.. that's just me..)
8. thoughtful
9. hot-tempered
(well, only at times.. like on the picture below.
i was already mad because my group members were not doing anything..

eight ways to win your heart:
1. you must constantly remind me that you care for me..
2. you must be thoughtful.
3. you should care not only for me but also for my loved ones.
4. you should always be on the go! :)
5. show my mom you're great..
6. hang out with my close friends.
7. do all the sweet things you know..
8. talk to my dad. LOL.

seven things you want to happen to you before you die:
1. travel to paris.
2. become a CPA.
3. get married with the one i love..
5. have children..
6. build house for my parents.
7. establish a business of my own. :)

five turn offs:
1. liar.
2. B.O.
3. too much pride.
4. disrespectful manner.
5. not God-fearing.

four turn ons:
1. smart.
2. funny.
3. understanding.
4. quite good-looking.

three smilies that describe your life:
1. :P
(sticking my tongue out to my troubled past... got over them now.)2. :D
(laughing out loud to the stupid things i did.)
3. :)
(feeling happy despite every bad thing that has happen, is happening and will be happening. i need to always have a positive outlook in life.)
two things you wish you never did:
1. not doing something. :(
(i wish i did something. maybe, just maybe..)
2. entering relationships..

one confession:
i have been loving him for two years. :)

i tag:

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