starting the day..

i don't know if i woke up at the right side of my bed today. i really can't tell or maybe i'm here again, trying to force myself to just smile in order for me to start the day right. honestly, i'm not in the mood but i'm trying to be happy and entertaining myself by visiting different websites and (of course) blogging..

YES, I AM HAPPY. or maybe that's what i think i am.

going back to how i started this day:
the first thing i did when i woke up this morning was to check my phone if i got messages. yes, i have eight but none of those came from the person i want to send me a message. i was dismayed and turned the tv on. when i press the green button (power) on the remote control, myx channel flashed in front on me (yes, before and after i go to sleep, i watch myx channel). i saw vj drei saying stuff about katy perry and her music video "thinking of you". i so love it! it's in the 4th place for myx daily countdown today. after the video was played, paramore's "i caught myself" followed which was on top 3. i got up and wondered why it was already in the 3rd place. i asked myself, "if paramore is now in the thrid place. so, taylor must be in the second place. then, who made it to top 1 this day?" so, i waited and found out that i was right - taylor swift's "love story" dropped to top 2. after eleven consecutive days of being the number one, someone finally took the place from her.. i waited again to find out who is that someone. *drum roll* it was miley cyrus with her music video "the climb". ohh sorry taylor, you're bff took the first place. *clap clap* MILEY! i love the climb.

after the show ended, i went outside my room. i walked from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room then back to my room. i felt bored and realized that my brother was not using his pc. so, i went outside my room again and turned it on. i browsed for different files and websites. i edited the last post i made last night and decided to write another entry (this).

that's how i started my april 15, 2009. so boring. i'm hoping to end this day with a great smile on my face as i write something on my journal entry. wish me luck. :)

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