Monday, April 13


easter sunday vanity with my bff shirkey Wink

april 12, 2009 - easter sunday.
after attending the 6:30 am mass, my mother decided to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by going to a resort. i got excited and texted my bff if she could come. she said yes and from there, the fun started. :)

sheilah's inland resort. i love the pools!
(as if i'm a good swimmer. haha.)

below are some of our pictures. YES! WE'RE SO VAIN. :D
(nothing has changed. we are still the same girls who love seeing our pictures. LOL.)

omg. i'm shocked.
the only picture in which i wasn't smiling. :D

special thanks to kenny shimazaki for taking this picture
(kahit na labag sa kalooban niya. :D).

i so love you my miga.

and of course, the "me".

click HERE for more photos

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