Thursday, April 23

the "new" account.

yes, i have a new friendster account.

there are several reasons why i created a new one.. before i state the reasons, i just want to tell you this: i know friendster is so last year compared to facebook, multiply and any other community sites. but, i absolutely believe that it is still a must-have account. i can't just abandon it like what i do with my school papers. :D

the reasons behind the creation of my new FS account:

1. every time i click the link to my profile page, there is this site that automatically appears even if my page is not yet fully loaded. try to click this so you'll see it yourself.

2. in my old FS account, i only know a small percentage of my friends. i mean, i don't know (personally) majority of my connections.. i want to have a more private friendster account.

3. i think my old account is already loaded and i don't like some of the things i posted there. i could erase them but i wouldn't because i'm super lazy! LOL.

4.i want to have a new friendster blog. yes, i'm an active blogger at blogspot (The COFFEE CHIC) but most of my friends open my friendster account. so, i also need to have a blog here in FS.

5. i think it's time for a CHANGE!

note: i will not cancel my old friendster account because some of my friends still send me messages on the said account. hayy. if only the profile page didn't hae a problem, i wouldn't make a new one. grr.

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