mom: the designer.

i must say, my mom is an interior designer with the highest pay. LOL.

she really loves moving the furniture at home from one place to another no matter what it takes. she also loves decorating the house with anything she finds pleasing to the eyes. she changes the curtains frequently depending on her mood. she arranges things according to how she wants it to appear..

i always ask her why she can't leave the tv rack or the dinner table in its places permanently. every time i ask her the question, she would just flash her warming smile and say only because she want to.. i can see that she's happy whenever she sees the product of her act as an interior designer. let me clarify this: my mom didn't finish interior designing. i just call her a designer because that's what she does in our home (only in our home).

so, why can i say that she is an interior designer with the highest pay? because we (the family) pays her our great appreciation. i'm pretty sure that for her, nothing is greater than appreciating the things she does at home. though there are times that i hate the disturbance brought by her actions like a messy kitchen or living room, still i love her for she has the ability to tweak things and simple because she is my mom. :)

one thing i love about her talent is that i feel like i enter a different house everytime i go home from the davao. feb. 14, 2009 - i decided to go home since it was valentine's day and i felt like i needed a rest from the stressful world brought by addu and davao. during my stay at home (residence in bislig), the tv rack was placed facing the door, the long chair was placed on the second living room, the cabinet was faced near the door. that was the arrangement when i left for my studies in davao.. just this march 25, 2009, right after the variety show i presented with my english21 classmates, i headed to the terminal to ride a bus back to bislig. when i came home, i was shocked with the new arrangement. everything was different. amazing. :D

the latest thing she did at home was changing the bar counter at home. when she made the arrangement, i was really in a bad mood because many persons came in and out the house to get the old counter and place the new one while others painted it.. but when i saw it done, i was (again) amazed. i find it really nice and i'm sure my dad would love it too. :)

from this old bar counter..


but still, she retained..

me on the top :)

the new bar counter.

i bet your mom is an interior designer in your own home too.
so, why not thank her for that? :)

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