the lost prince.

the prince and the princess with the rest. LOL.

God. i missed him (picture above: the guy on my left) so much. after our high school graduation (march 25, 2007), we've lost contact of each other. he went to cagayan to take up bs nursing at xavier while i went to davao to take up bs biology at upmin then i moved to addu to take up bs accountancy.. with our transfer, many things happened like we changed our numbers, got busy with exploring the new environment and the like.

for the two years of not seeing and talking, we finally found the time to meet just three hours ago.. a friend of mine gave his number and asked me if i want to take him as a participant for my upcoming debut party. of course, i said yes. i'd love to. so, without second thoughts, i texted him and asked him if he could. unfortunately, he refused. he said that he really would love to be one of the guys to give me a rose and to dance with me on my special day, but he can't because he has to take summer classes. ay. another devastating answer from a good friend. bakit ba kasi may summer classes? lol. anyway, going back to our exchange of messages.. we both agreed that he'll come to my place to talk and to greet me in advance. :D right there and then, i told my mom that he'll come for a visit and texted some of my friends to come too. so, my mom prepared for our dinner (she's the best!) at 6:30, he came and we fetched some of our friends from their houses.. from there, the fun started..

there were ilang moments. look at the pictures. haha. we talked about many things and realized that it's been awhile since we've had the chance to have a bonding session.. as he left, he gave me a kiss on the cheeks and i smiled. he went to the east as i went to the west. :) this friday, he will go back to cagayan and i will go to butuan.. i have no idea when will we see each other again..

i had a great dinner with him. and of course, with shang, ken and kenny. :)

and yes, i'm melting. lol.

i really love kenna's top. miga? please..

thank you mom for this. i love you! :)

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