Saturday, April 18

i'm back!

i'm back earlier than i expected. i thought i would consume two days just to get my subjects validated, my invitation cards to be printed and my give aways to be bought. luckily, it only took me half a day to get all those things done. all that is left for me to do is to get myself a green cocktail dress and i guess, i'll do it later. i'm not in the mood to shop.. actually, i'm not yet at home. i'm just here at netopia consuming the remaining time of what i paid. i don't usually go to internet cafes but since i have to email my dad urgently, i have no choice but to use other computers. :)

anyway, i just would like to post a countdown for my mom's birthday:

the woman who has been accompanying me since my first day in this world will be celebrating her 42nd birthday on april 26, 2009.. i owe many things to this very important woman in my life - my mom..

i'm so excited for her upcoming birthday 'cause i know she will be receiving the best gift my dad could give - his presence. yes, my dad will be coming home on the same day of my mom's birthday. GREAT! :)

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