Monday, April 20

i can't leave..

the top 5 things i always bring whenever i leave the house. .
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first on the list is my nokia e63 cellphone. of course, i wouldn't leave the house without my phone. it's primary use is for messaging. i use it to receive and send messages wherever i go (provided that there is a network signal). i also use the phone to take some pictures, to listen to music, to watch some videos, to look for some words in the dictionary, to save some documents using open office and (my favorite) to go online!

i will never leave the house without any cash (philippine peso)! i bet, you too. i don't have to explain why it's a must-have. it's understandable. :)

i always bring with me my digital camera not only because i'm vain but also because i love to capture some cute moments (especially now that it's summer). although my camera is not the latest model released by sony, still, it's able to give me good pictures.. (i hope i'll get a new cam on my birthday. :D)

whether it's school day or vacation day, i always have a pen in my bag. i really enjoy scribbling anything that comes into my mind. so, it's a must for me to have a pen, preferably g-tech pilot (black), inside my handy bag.

i'm the girly type of girl. i can't leave my room without a powder and a little blush-on on my face and a lip gloss on my lips. thus, i can't leave the house with-out a make-up kit (IMPORTANT: avon face powder, ever bilena blush on, l'oreal lipgloss, avon eye liner). hey! i'm not an avon lady. it's just that, as of the moment, i can't afford to get myself mac or clinique products. (again, i'm hoping to receive cosmetic products on my brithday..)

i'll add my journal as the top 6 on the list. it's where i scribble what comes into my mind and share my current feelings. :)

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