happy easter!

last night, i told myself that i will attend the 4:00AM easter sunday mass in which a role play (is this the right term?) will be presented about the resurrection of Jesus. i want to witness a presentation of Jesus' rising from the dead and the angels rejoicing with Him. unfortunately, i woke up late this morning. so, instead, i attended the 6:30AM mass which was celebrated by my favorite priest - Rev. Fr. Erwin Torres. in his homily, he emphasized that today is the day when all Christians, who believe in the Risen Lord, should celebrate with great joy for the second coming of the Savior/Redeemer. i always agree with what he says and i am hoping that the day will never come that i'll disagree with him. :)


yeheeey! i, my family and some of my friends, will be celebrating today's event by going to a resort. yes. it's a great time to relax and partteeyyy. wait, is it possible to relax and party at the same time? :D


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