april 3, 2009
8:23 PM

yes. no internet connection. slow cell signal. friends nowhere to be found. no cable television. a very quite place. these are the exact things i'm enjoying while i'm here in my mother's hometown. i'm currently staying at my tatay's house (my mom's older brother). to be specific: i am here in the music room, lying on the bed as i make this entry which i will be posting as soon as i get the chance to go online (probably two-three days from now).

for the very first time in my own life's history, my parents finally allowed me to stay here in carmen alone (alone means without a chaperon. haha.). my father, the most overprotective person i know (because of too much love), always wants me to be accompanied by my mother or ,my brother everywhere i go. this is the prize of being the only girl in the family.. grrrr. thanks to my upcoming party, i've had the chance to escape from the things i want to get rid even just for a couple of days. the main reason of my vacation here is the meeting i have with the host, the photographer and the planner in butuan city (45 minutes away from mom's hometown). so, before i headed to carmen, i went to butuan for the meeting.

all was set. i'm now free and given two more peaceful and stressless days here..

while i'm here for my vacation, i won't be able to visit my online accounts, to hang out with my friends, to text all day, all night and to watch my favorite shows in myx or mtv. thank you. i'm out again from my stressful world. i'll be back home this coming monday or tuesday. it also means going back to my noisy and messy life in bislig..

all i want to do while i'm here is to lie down in bed as i watch some movies, to read the book i borrowed from my friend, to write something on the sand, to keep my phone on offline mode, to play with my cute baby and to write about certain things. this is great!

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