Sunday, April 26

the eight things and others.

whew. i can't abandon my blog. i just can't!

thanks to my mom for asking me to bring my laptop on our vacation and for booking me a room with a wireless internet connection. :D the first i thing i did when i got myself online was to check my blog. after it, i read the comments on my previous post and the messages on my tagboard. i was glad i received a tag from chito chismoso and a nomination for the Filipino Blog of the Week by the composed gentleman. so, please vote for me by clicking HERE and look for the poll on the side bar! remember: it's thecoffeechic.

below is my answer to the tag i got from chacky - the author of chito chismoso. :)


--8 things I'm looking forward to--

  1. my tomorrow with my dad, mom and little brother (i can't wait to swim with them. waaa. as if i'm a good swimmer. *rofl*)
  2. my 18th birthday party (after may *, i'll have a new life. yes, a NEW LIFE!)
  3. get-away with my close friends in davao (overnight on a beach resort. coooooolllll.)
  4. get-together of mutienians (after the summer classes. maybe on the last week of may or first week of april.)
  5. the complete season 2 of gossip girl (grrr. i hate downloading the episodes!)
  6. eating lots and lots of chocolates (toblerone!!)
  7. shopping! (with my mom)
  8. finding a new love :)
--8 things I did yesterday--
  1. traveled from bislig to davao
  2. went to davao airport
  3. slept in a good hotel room
  4. sent the invitation cards for my debut party to my friends
  5. met some friends in addu
  6. chatted with my dorm mates
  7. went shopping with mom
  8. bought green and white balloons
--8 things I wish I could do--
  1. love without getting hurt (the most impossible thing i know..)
  2. fly to paris right at this moment (i can't do it now but i'm hoping that someday i can.)
  3. go to bohol (to those who know my personal life, you know why.)
  4. be taller than my bff (LOL.)
  5. drive my own car (i have to talk about it to my dad. :D)
  6. fight this bad feeling
  7. swallow my pride (it's a hard thing to do when you don't have enough reasons..)
  8. be absolutely happy
--8 shows I watch--
  1. gossip girl series
  2. mr. monk series
  3. m.i.t.
  4. playlists
  5. tayong dalawa :D
  6. --
  7. ---
  8. --

--8 people I tag--
  1. eymi
  2. gagay
  3. felai
  4. cebeeb
  5. crisiboy
  6. gello
  7. renz
  8. haidene


thank you..
for being my first commenter.

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