Tuesday, April 28

all about myself..

I Am
missing someone at the moment.
(i wonder if he knows.)

I Want
to be completely happy.
(the problem is that i don't know what or who can make me absolutely happy..)

I Have
an upcoming debut party!
(10 days left.)

I Wish
i could be all myself for a day or two.
(i wish i could have a day or two without somebody looking for me, without a cellphone on my hand, without my laptop and without all the other material things.)

I Hate
mising him this way.
(this isn't right..)

I Fear
that i might end up with only myself at the end.
(reduntant? :D)

I Hear
the sad music playing in my head.

I Search
for the perfect love.
(define perfect.)

I Wonder
where i am going.
(i don't really know.)

I Regret
letting him go.
(why do regrets come to end?)

I Love
him but i guess, i love myself more.
(it should be that way. i could have another love but never another self.)

I Ache
because he's gone.
(God gives and takes. i can't do something about it.)

I Always
want to be happy.
(no one wants to be sad..)

I Usually
do things on my own.
(i'm talking about school papers and projects..)

I Am Not
(get to know me..)

I Dance
in front of the mirror.
(yes. it's one of the stupid things i do every morning.)

I Sing
in the bathroom.
(la la la. la la la..)

I Never
wanted to hurt somebody.
(i want everyone to be happy.)

I Cry
to let go of the pain.

I Lose
my temper at times.

I'm Confused
of what is happening.

I Need
someone to be with me.

I Should
be happy.
(always and forever.)

I Dream
to become a cpa-lawyer.
(i'm sure of dreaming to become a CPA. how about becoming a lawyer? hmmmn. i don't know. as of the moment, it's what my father dreams of.)

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