why not ADDU?

"did i make the right decision when i exchanged UPMin for ADDU?"
i asked myself this question right after i read the result of the quiz i took on facebook. the quiz is entitled "Anong Philippine university ba ang bagay sa'yo?"

the result. *click the photo to see full image*

You are a Fighting Maroon/Iskolar ng Bayan! Cream of the cream of the cream of the crop daw ang mga Isko at Iska. Madugo daw kasi ang UPCAT at ang makapasa ka dito ay isang malaking accomplishment para sa isang mag-aaral. True enough, being a UP student is enough to make your parents proud. There are a number of UP campuses nationwide but its flagship campus is situated in Diliman. UP is known for its student body's militant and radical nature---tipong laging nag-rarally at nag-lolobby. Kaya kung sa UP ka nag-aaral, alam mo ang ibig sabihin ng salitang, "tibak". Iskolar ng bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!"

honestly, i was expecting that the result will be ATENEO. yes, i did pass the UPCAT and spent a sem in UPMin but i'm now an atenean. so, it's a question for me why the result is UP.

the description written above about UP is true. i am glad that i was given the opporunity to get a taste of being an iska. it was just A semester but it was one of the best semesters i have in college. :) i salute all my bio friends in UPMin who chooses to swim and to fight. (yoohhhoo. congrats bio '07! mag-3rd year namo sa UP. cool!) it's enough for me that i have made my parents proud by passing the UPCAT and by getting myself enrolled to UP..

i can't finish this now. i'll try later (that is if i'm still in the state of wondering).

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