random thoughts.

be careful with what you ask for because you might just get it all. it's funny how i wish for certain things to come into my life and the moment i already have those, i find myself wishing again to get rid of the things i've wished for. there are really many uncertainties in my life (and i bet, in yours too.) i have no idea what comes next and i don't want to keep guessing..

sometimes, i wish i could have an all-myself-day. note: i'm being careful with this wish. i'm sure that i really want to take a rest, even just for a day, from my stressful world. i wish i could go out somewhere all by myself for me to have a rest and to think about things. am i wishing for too much?

i need time. how is it possible for me to get things done when i don't have enough time? time. time. time. time is causing me stress. right at this moment, i need more time to study for my history, philippine constitution and organizational behavior exams tomorrow. all the subjects require readings, i mean long readings. my time is limited and i'm taking some of it by writing this blog..

can you read these for me? :(

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