one night.

as if i was able to smell something. LOL.

after the graduation of my dear cousin, i directly went home and uploaded the pictures i have taken on the said event. from 1 to 5pm, i was just facing the pc of my brother. luckily, he was sleeping. he never had the chance to disturb me from borrowing his pc. LOL. (i'm just taking turns with him because i destroyed my laptop. therefore, i can't use it. i'm still waiting for my dad to get me a new one. well, i just hope he'll really do.) at around 5:30, i went to sleep and by 6:40, my friend shangy arrived at my place. we talked for a while and decided to go to our friend's (brizza) house to check if she'll come with us.. too bad, she wasn't allowed to leave her house. so, only shang and i went to jang's place for dinner which was prepared as a celebration to his younger brother's hs graduation and accomplishments (best in social studies, third honor). after the dinner, we went back to brizza's place where we ate again..

with the use of our wit and charm, we were allowed by our parents to go somewhere else. and yes, we headed back to jang's place where we had some chat and drink.. i love it when we have our unplanned "laag".. :D why? because it's more exciting and we're not perfectly dressed. ROFL.

the new me. haha. kidding.

click here for more photos.

ken, shang, brizza, jhang and shang:
you know where to get all the pictures taken for this night. just visit my website. :)

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