not my usual sunday.

the first thing i did for this day was attending the 7am mass at the addu chapel which was celebrated by father dan. from his homily, he made mention na nagkakagulo ang mundo kasi people desires the things they don't own. it's a mystery in life when you want to have the things that you don't own (wait. would you even desire for the things you already have?) - the things that belong to somebody else. he's right in saying that it is one of the reasons why this world is confusing and full of apathy. however, what he doesn't know is that despite the problems brought by desiring those things, people would still opt to continue desiring.. why? simply because it is exciting for a person to hope that someday he or she would be able to get (in a good way) the things owned by somebody. it is out of envy but rather because it makes him or her happy. remember: "thou shall not covet your neighbor's good." just keep desiring and maybe, just maybe, destiny will find a way to give you what you have been desiring. sometimes, good things come to those who wait.

the second thing i did for this day was meeting up shang at her place. we then went to mcdonalds bajada for our breakfast where we both enjoyed the hot chocolate which was perfectly prepared. :) it was my first breakfast in mcdo with her and i loved it.

the next thing i did was enjoying the adventure shang and i decided to have. we both wanted to go to samal island to unwind and to run from the stressful world we have. honestly, we don't know where exactly in samal island we would want to stay. we just have this in our mind: "bahala na. basta. let's go somewhere else." without second thoughts, we went to magsaysay to ride the bus which will bring us to the island. it was a funny ride because we don't know how much the fare was and where to stop. after long minutes of choosing where to go, we decided to stay at paradise park and beach resort (a wrong decision). the resort was crowded and we knew some friends there. but still, we were able to manage and had a really great time. it was the first time that we went to a beach without our friends.. NICE.

not my usual sunday.
i have this routine every sunday: attend the mass, go to sleep, read a magazine, do the laundry, order chicken mcdo or fillet from mcdo for my lunch, listen to music, go to brew crew to check my mail, go to sleep again, order another meal from mcdo or popsie's.. i kept doing the same routine for long and i'm glad that this day, i've had a different sunday. :)

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