sunday with ken and ken.

just like the old times.
another unplanned "laag".
kenny, ken and i. :D

around 1pm, ken arrived at my place to borrow a memory card for her digital camera for she lost hers. unfortunately, my extra memory card is a stick duo (she needed an sd card) so she wasn't able to borrow what she needed to. to kill the boredom, we both browsed for different sites while discussing about certain matters. things got so boring auntil we decided to leave my place and go somewhere else. just when we're about to leave, kenny arrived. then there started the picture taking. LOL. the three of us have cameras but it's better if kenny is there for we have an instant photogrpaher who has a quite good digicam..

THANKS KUNIO-SAN for being a good driver,
a patient photographer and a BEST-est friend.

THANKS KENNA for coloring my face,
posing with me and being my BEST-est friend.


things never change. :)

click HERE for more pictures.

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