if it's supposed to happen..

friday night: i sat in the front seat of his car and held my phone with my two hands while i was trying to text someone despite my drunken state and his super 'i-dont-know-what's-the-term' driving. i shouted because of the sudden breaks he would take as he avoided hitting different cars. i grabbed the remote control to turn the volume down because of the loud party songs. i looked left and right to check whether there were patrol cars that might run into us. i screamed to the top of my lungs as he drove like there are no other cars in the streets. i talked to our friend at the back seat and asked her to tell him to drive slowly and then i just shut up because she also loved the roadtrip to hell that we were having. to get myself help, i invited them to just spend the remaining minutes before 12mn at mcdo bajada. gladly, they both said yes as long as it's my treat. since i was quite desperate and drunk that night, i agreed (and woke up the saturday morning realizing i was broke again. lol.). after the midnight snack, i sat on the driver's seat and asked him if i could drive his car until we reach my place. of course, he said yes and assured me that we'll get home safe. instead of persuading him, i just went back to my sit. and yes, we all arrived at our homes safe and sound. i had a really great and funny night with him [ross] and her [han]..

tuesday ntight: ross invited me and han to eat dinner with him at kfc. of course, his treat. we then went to the cellphone station where he bought another phone for his sun number. after, we decided to go to the coffee shop (my 3rd for the day) and spent the rest of the night there. after the hours of talking and enjoying the iced coffees, he sent me to my place and han. he then texted me that he's home. yes, just like friday night, we all arrived safe at home.

wednesday morning: i grabbed my phone with the sun sim and saw that there were missed calls. i then checked where the calls came from and found out that it was from our other friend [jay]. i called jay asap and there i was informed that he, the same man i've been talking about [ross], met an accident at obrero street past midnight, just three hours after he safely sent us home. my first reaction was just 'atek?' and laughed. he told me that he wasn't kidding and if i wanted to know the truth then i should call ross.. so, i did what he told me to do. i called ross and found out that he really met an accident and is currently confined at davao doctor's hospital. after an hour, i called han and told her about what happened to ross. same with my first reaction, she didn't believe that ross is in the hospital. we informed all our friends about the accident and again, they didn't believe us. hello? who would thought that ross, who is quite a good driver (and a racer), would get into an accident? i mean, when he is drunk, he can still drive well and when he is not drunk, he can drive better. see my point? friday night - he was drunk but still he was able to go home safe. tuesday night - he wasn't under the influence of alcohol and yet his car was hitted by another car driven by a drunk person. good thing he was still alive. thanks to his seat belt. :D if only you can see how his car was damaged, you'll never thought that the one who drove it is still alive, kicking and breathing.

lesson learned: if it's supposed to happen. then, it would really happen no matter what. :) can i now say that destiny is really stronger than free will? *peace.*

anyway, i'm just taking a break from studying for my theo exam tomorrow.

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