drunk + broken-hearted

2:05am in my room

i sat in my lovely bed with my drunk and broken-hearted friends. i was listening to their funny yet sensible conversation.. the broken-hearted girl spilled the negative emotions she had due to the break-up initiated by his 1 year and 11 months boyfriend (i forgot the number of days) at 11:00:02 last night. she even had this weird idea that yesterday, march 11 (and 11), was not a good date (and number) for the dormers of bed and books dormitory. why? because on the mentioned date, her boyfriend broke up with her, one of our dorm mates ended her relationship with her 5 years boyfriend, the other one found out that the guy she is currently dating is quite bisexual (am i using the right term?) and the last one was informed by her ex-boyfriend that he is already searching for a new girlfriend. truly sad and unlucky for the dormers..

she started her story by saying that his boyfriend told him this always-used-break-up line "i fall out of love.." and the bad thing was she doesn't even know why. in fact, it was the first break-up that she and the ex-bf had.. on the other side, the drunk girl, who also had a problem of her own, tried to make the other one feel good. she started her talk by saying that she might be under the influence of alcohol but she was in a good state of mind and could still speak up some good advices. she then told the broken hearted girl that it's really normal for everybody (and everybody means including boys or men) to panic due to the demands of time and situation. according to her "you know what ****, he is just afraid of the future because you are both graduating and then, there are expectations. he just needs time and space. why not give those to him?" the answer of the other one "all of a sudden? just three days ago, we had a great night swimming and we were so happy. like very happy. and then now, this?" i decided to join the conversation by saying "duh ate ****. just go to sleep and wait for tomorrow for you and **** to talk things through." she just looked at me and blamed the coffee we've had at brew crew responsible for keeping her awake until that very moment. she kept on saying these words "positive. positive. positive." while hitting her head with her hands. while she was doing the torturing-herself actions, i and ate ***** just looked at her and told her that "life must go on. it takes time to accept the loss of someone you love but it will be rewarding the moment you get acceptance." the best advice i've heard from ate ***** that night was "you're too young to worry about these stuff. you're still 20. ako nga i'm already 24 and still, i hasn't found myself in a serious relationship.." the conversation ended with ate ****'s line "i will be graduating next week. it means ending my college life. maybe he's just my college boyfriend.." and yes, she’s right.

lessons learned: nothing in this world lasts forever. the song asks, 'why do all good things come to an end?' my answer? because all things, not only the good ones, are supposed to end. if it's meant to end, then, it will eventually end no matter how you stop it from ending. the only thing you can do is to enjoy the moment while you can.. and if it ends when you're not prepared, just grieve because it's pretty normal.. just be sure that it will not lead to losing yourself because remember: YOU CAN STILL FIND ANOTHER LOVE BUT NEVER ANOTHER SELF. thank the experience for it will make you more mature and wiser in life..

note: this blog is written by somebody who is still in the process of moving on, by a blogger who chooses to be positive in life and from a girl who is trying to accept that all things end. :)

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