Tuesday, March 31

why not ADDU?

"did i make the right decision when i exchanged UPMin for ADDU?"
i asked myself this question right after i read the result of the quiz i took on facebook. the quiz is entitled "Anong Philippine university ba ang bagay sa'yo?"

the result. *click the photo to see full image*

You are a Fighting Maroon/Iskolar ng Bayan! Cream of the cream of the cream of the crop daw ang mga Isko at Iska. Madugo daw kasi ang UPCAT at ang makapasa ka dito ay isang malaking accomplishment para sa isang mag-aaral. True enough, being a UP student is enough to make your parents proud. There are a number of UP campuses nationwide but its flagship campus is situated in Diliman. UP is known for its student body's militant and radical nature---tipong laging nag-rarally at nag-lolobby. Kaya kung sa UP ka nag-aaral, alam mo ang ibig sabihin ng salitang, "tibak". Iskolar ng bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!"

honestly, i was expecting that the result will be ATENEO. yes, i did pass the UPCAT and spent a sem in UPMin but i'm now an atenean. so, it's a question for me why the result is UP.

the description written above about UP is true. i am glad that i was given the opporunity to get a taste of being an iska. it was just A semester but it was one of the best semesters i have in college. :) i salute all my bio friends in UPMin who chooses to swim and to fight. (yoohhhoo. congrats bio '07! mag-3rd year namo sa UP. cool!) it's enough for me that i have made my parents proud by passing the UPCAT and by getting myself enrolled to UP..

i can't finish this now. i'll try later (that is if i'm still in the state of wondering).

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one night.

as if i was able to smell something. LOL.

after the graduation of my dear cousin, i directly went home and uploaded the pictures i have taken on the said event. from 1 to 5pm, i was just facing the pc of my brother. luckily, he was sleeping. he never had the chance to disturb me from borrowing his pc. LOL. (i'm just taking turns with him because i destroyed my laptop. therefore, i can't use it. i'm still waiting for my dad to get me a new one. well, i just hope he'll really do.) at around 5:30, i went to sleep and by 6:40, my friend shangy arrived at my place. we talked for a while and decided to go to our friend's (brizza) house to check if she'll come with us.. too bad, she wasn't allowed to leave her house. so, only shang and i went to jang's place for dinner which was prepared as a celebration to his younger brother's hs graduation and accomplishments (best in social studies, third honor). after the dinner, we went back to brizza's place where we ate again..

with the use of our wit and charm, we were allowed by our parents to go somewhere else. and yes, we headed back to jang's place where we had some chat and drink.. i love it when we have our unplanned "laag".. :D why? because it's more exciting and we're not perfectly dressed. ROFL.

the new me. haha. kidding.

click here for more photos.

ken, shang, brizza, jhang and shang:
you know where to get all the pictures taken for this night. just visit my website. :)

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Monday, March 30

the graduation.

i just came home after attending the graduation of my cousin. the program started around 8 in the morning and i came at the school (de la salle john bosco college) super late. i arrived there at exactly 10:00. :D

i'm with the graduate.
click HERE to see all photos

when i was at school, i went to the stage and remembered that it was on the same stage that i received my high school diploma. wow. time runs really fast. it's as if it was just yesterday..

march 25, 2007 - i graduated. :)
a page from my scrapbook

i also saw some of my batch mates and i chatted with them.. we were laughing and talking as if nothing has really changed. well, i'm speaking here of the attitude not the physical appearances. honestly, some gained weight while other lost weight. :D

the batch 2007 of DLSJBC

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Sunday, March 29

sunday with ken and ken.

just like the old times.
another unplanned "laag".
kenny, ken and i. :D

around 1pm, ken arrived at my place to borrow a memory card for her digital camera for she lost hers. unfortunately, my extra memory card is a stick duo (she needed an sd card) so she wasn't able to borrow what she needed to. to kill the boredom, we both browsed for different sites while discussing about certain matters. things got so boring auntil we decided to leave my place and go somewhere else. just when we're about to leave, kenny arrived. then there started the picture taking. LOL. the three of us have cameras but it's better if kenny is there for we have an instant photogrpaher who has a quite good digicam..

THANKS KUNIO-SAN for being a good driver,
a patient photographer and a BEST-est friend.

THANKS KENNA for coloring my face,
posing with me and being my BEST-est friend.


things never change. :)

click HERE for more pictures.

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Saturday, March 28


below is the video taken during the final rehearsal of the variety show i am directing. i'm glad i have with me good choreographers and dancers. :)

thank you so much my english 21 classmates for participating in the said show and for understanding my super-unbelievable-and-impossible attitude. i know i was too harsh. LOL.

anyway, the variety show we had wasn't really "the great" but it was quite good.
we gave all our best and that's it..

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Friday, March 27

earth hour.

i'm a human being who cares for the Mother Earth. just like me, you should care for it too. :)
let us help support the EARTH HOUR which is scheduled on march 28, 2009 at 8:30 to 9:30 PM. just for one hour, switch off your lights. only for an hour. HELP.

we only have one Earth. let us keep it alive.

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Thursday, March 19


argh! i have type written my supposed-to-be blog post for this night regarding my ps211 subject. unfortunately, i closed the window with the multiply page and i forgot to save the post. i should have type written it here (blogger) which has an auto-save feature. bad.

you can see the dismay on my face. :(

anyway, to take the negative emotion away, i decided to order another cup of cappuccino.

want to have some?

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Somebody Else

Tuesday, March 17

Somebody Else

"It's so hard to belong to someone else when the right one comes along..."

I'm writing this blog to give sympathy to those who are confused with what to do regarding liking somebody when someone already owns them..

To those who are not in position to say and do something about the issue:

You can't just point your fingers to a person and scream at them that he or she is stupid for liking somebody else when he or she already in a relationship with someone. Yes, the person is wrong with what he or she is doing but have you ever thought of the reason why he or she fell in love with somebody despite having a girlfriend or a boyfriend? It is not because it's in his or her nature but rather because something is missing with his or her current partner. You can't just blame him or her for liking someone else. It is a reality in life that things happen when you least expect it. All you have to do is to accept it and live with it. Remember, you are not in a position to intervene and to get angry. You're not involve and you don't know the whole story. So, just listen to the stories and shut up. Never ever say negative things.

To those who fell in love with someone other than their partners:

You must be strong enough to stand and fight for what you feel. It's either you stay in a relationship with your current partner and regret losing the other person OR you choose the other one and be happy. As what most people say, life is a gamble in itself. You have to take risks. In life, you'll never know unless you try. Sometimes, you have to hurt other people if it means making you happy and saving them for a greater pain in the future. Always remember this: if ever you'll come to realize that you made the wrong decision, accept the consequences that it will bring. Again, this is just life. It's either you win or you lose. Just learn something from the experience. If you truly want to become happy, you need to gamble. 

To those who are in a relationship with the person who fell in love to somebody else:
Acceptance and understanding - you need these two things. You have to accept the fact that your partner is no longer in love with you. You have to understand that you don't always get what you want in life. Learn to let go because the more you keep holding on when you know that your partner is liking somebody else, the more you will hurt yourself and the more it gets harder. 

Yes, you are greatly devastated because of what happened and what is happening but isn't it a relief to know that the person you are currently in a relationship with is not the perfect and right one for you? Would you allow yourself to be in a relationship with someone who loves somebody else? I bet not. You are not that stupid and martyr, right? It's perfectly normal to hate your partner for what he or she is doing. You have the right to do so. What you don't have the right is to stop them from leaving when it is what they want to do. You can't force someone to stay if they are no longer happy. It's time to save yourself. Sometimes, you have to get hurt to realize that things don't always happen the way you want them to be and that you need to be mature enough to let go of love.

note: This is just my opinion. If you disagree about anything written here, I'm willing to accept comments. Sorry!
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random thoughts.

be careful with what you ask for because you might just get it all. it's funny how i wish for certain things to come into my life and the moment i already have those, i find myself wishing again to get rid of the things i've wished for. there are really many uncertainties in my life (and i bet, in yours too.) i have no idea what comes next and i don't want to keep guessing..

sometimes, i wish i could have an all-myself-day. note: i'm being careful with this wish. i'm sure that i really want to take a rest, even just for a day, from my stressful world. i wish i could go out somewhere all by myself for me to have a rest and to think about things. am i wishing for too much?

i need time. how is it possible for me to get things done when i don't have enough time? time. time. time. time is causing me stress. right at this moment, i need more time to study for my history, philippine constitution and organizational behavior exams tomorrow. all the subjects require readings, i mean long readings. my time is limited and i'm taking some of it by writing this blog..

can you read these for me? :(

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Sunday, March 15

not my usual sunday.

the first thing i did for this day was attending the 7am mass at the addu chapel which was celebrated by father dan. from his homily, he made mention na nagkakagulo ang mundo kasi people desires the things they don't own. it's a mystery in life when you want to have the things that you don't own (wait. would you even desire for the things you already have?) - the things that belong to somebody else. he's right in saying that it is one of the reasons why this world is confusing and full of apathy. however, what he doesn't know is that despite the problems brought by desiring those things, people would still opt to continue desiring.. why? simply because it is exciting for a person to hope that someday he or she would be able to get (in a good way) the things owned by somebody. it is out of envy but rather because it makes him or her happy. remember: "thou shall not covet your neighbor's good." just keep desiring and maybe, just maybe, destiny will find a way to give you what you have been desiring. sometimes, good things come to those who wait.

the second thing i did for this day was meeting up shang at her place. we then went to mcdonalds bajada for our breakfast where we both enjoyed the hot chocolate which was perfectly prepared. :) it was my first breakfast in mcdo with her and i loved it.

the next thing i did was enjoying the adventure shang and i decided to have. we both wanted to go to samal island to unwind and to run from the stressful world we have. honestly, we don't know where exactly in samal island we would want to stay. we just have this in our mind: "bahala na. basta. let's go somewhere else." without second thoughts, we went to magsaysay to ride the bus which will bring us to the island. it was a funny ride because we don't know how much the fare was and where to stop. after long minutes of choosing where to go, we decided to stay at paradise park and beach resort (a wrong decision). the resort was crowded and we knew some friends there. but still, we were able to manage and had a really great time. it was the first time that we went to a beach without our friends.. NICE.

not my usual sunday.
i have this routine every sunday: attend the mass, go to sleep, read a magazine, do the laundry, order chicken mcdo or fillet from mcdo for my lunch, listen to music, go to brew crew to check my mail, go to sleep again, order another meal from mcdo or popsie's.. i kept doing the same routine for long and i'm glad that this day, i've had a different sunday. :)

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Friday, March 13

time for everything.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

; )

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Thursday, March 12

drunk + broken-hearted

2:05am in my room

i sat in my lovely bed with my drunk and broken-hearted friends. i was listening to their funny yet sensible conversation.. the broken-hearted girl spilled the negative emotions she had due to the break-up initiated by his 1 year and 11 months boyfriend (i forgot the number of days) at 11:00:02 last night. she even had this weird idea that yesterday, march 11 (and 11), was not a good date (and number) for the dormers of bed and books dormitory. why? because on the mentioned date, her boyfriend broke up with her, one of our dorm mates ended her relationship with her 5 years boyfriend, the other one found out that the guy she is currently dating is quite bisexual (am i using the right term?) and the last one was informed by her ex-boyfriend that he is already searching for a new girlfriend. truly sad and unlucky for the dormers..

she started her story by saying that his boyfriend told him this always-used-break-up line "i fall out of love.." and the bad thing was she doesn't even know why. in fact, it was the first break-up that she and the ex-bf had.. on the other side, the drunk girl, who also had a problem of her own, tried to make the other one feel good. she started her talk by saying that she might be under the influence of alcohol but she was in a good state of mind and could still speak up some good advices. she then told the broken hearted girl that it's really normal for everybody (and everybody means including boys or men) to panic due to the demands of time and situation. according to her "you know what ****, he is just afraid of the future because you are both graduating and then, there are expectations. he just needs time and space. why not give those to him?" the answer of the other one "all of a sudden? just three days ago, we had a great night swimming and we were so happy. like very happy. and then now, this?" i decided to join the conversation by saying "duh ate ****. just go to sleep and wait for tomorrow for you and **** to talk things through." she just looked at me and blamed the coffee we've had at brew crew responsible for keeping her awake until that very moment. she kept on saying these words "positive. positive. positive." while hitting her head with her hands. while she was doing the torturing-herself actions, i and ate ***** just looked at her and told her that "life must go on. it takes time to accept the loss of someone you love but it will be rewarding the moment you get acceptance." the best advice i've heard from ate ***** that night was "you're too young to worry about these stuff. you're still 20. ako nga i'm already 24 and still, i hasn't found myself in a serious relationship.." the conversation ended with ate ****'s line "i will be graduating next week. it means ending my college life. maybe he's just my college boyfriend.." and yes, she’s right.

lessons learned: nothing in this world lasts forever. the song asks, 'why do all good things come to an end?' my answer? because all things, not only the good ones, are supposed to end. if it's meant to end, then, it will eventually end no matter how you stop it from ending. the only thing you can do is to enjoy the moment while you can.. and if it ends when you're not prepared, just grieve because it's pretty normal.. just be sure that it will not lead to losing yourself because remember: YOU CAN STILL FIND ANOTHER LOVE BUT NEVER ANOTHER SELF. thank the experience for it will make you more mature and wiser in life..

note: this blog is written by somebody who is still in the process of moving on, by a blogger who chooses to be positive in life and from a girl who is trying to accept that all things end. :)

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Wednesday, March 11

if it's supposed to happen..

friday night: i sat in the front seat of his car and held my phone with my two hands while i was trying to text someone despite my drunken state and his super 'i-dont-know-what's-the-term' driving. i shouted because of the sudden breaks he would take as he avoided hitting different cars. i grabbed the remote control to turn the volume down because of the loud party songs. i looked left and right to check whether there were patrol cars that might run into us. i screamed to the top of my lungs as he drove like there are no other cars in the streets. i talked to our friend at the back seat and asked her to tell him to drive slowly and then i just shut up because she also loved the roadtrip to hell that we were having. to get myself help, i invited them to just spend the remaining minutes before 12mn at mcdo bajada. gladly, they both said yes as long as it's my treat. since i was quite desperate and drunk that night, i agreed (and woke up the saturday morning realizing i was broke again. lol.). after the midnight snack, i sat on the driver's seat and asked him if i could drive his car until we reach my place. of course, he said yes and assured me that we'll get home safe. instead of persuading him, i just went back to my sit. and yes, we all arrived at our homes safe and sound. i had a really great and funny night with him [ross] and her [han]..

tuesday ntight: ross invited me and han to eat dinner with him at kfc. of course, his treat. we then went to the cellphone station where he bought another phone for his sun number. after, we decided to go to the coffee shop (my 3rd for the day) and spent the rest of the night there. after the hours of talking and enjoying the iced coffees, he sent me to my place and han. he then texted me that he's home. yes, just like friday night, we all arrived safe at home.

wednesday morning: i grabbed my phone with the sun sim and saw that there were missed calls. i then checked where the calls came from and found out that it was from our other friend [jay]. i called jay asap and there i was informed that he, the same man i've been talking about [ross], met an accident at obrero street past midnight, just three hours after he safely sent us home. my first reaction was just 'atek?' and laughed. he told me that he wasn't kidding and if i wanted to know the truth then i should call ross.. so, i did what he told me to do. i called ross and found out that he really met an accident and is currently confined at davao doctor's hospital. after an hour, i called han and told her about what happened to ross. same with my first reaction, she didn't believe that ross is in the hospital. we informed all our friends about the accident and again, they didn't believe us. hello? who would thought that ross, who is quite a good driver (and a racer), would get into an accident? i mean, when he is drunk, he can still drive well and when he is not drunk, he can drive better. see my point? friday night - he was drunk but still he was able to go home safe. tuesday night - he wasn't under the influence of alcohol and yet his car was hitted by another car driven by a drunk person. good thing he was still alive. thanks to his seat belt. :D if only you can see how his car was damaged, you'll never thought that the one who drove it is still alive, kicking and breathing.

lesson learned: if it's supposed to happen. then, it would really happen no matter what. :) can i now say that destiny is really stronger than free will? *peace.*

anyway, i'm just taking a break from studying for my theo exam tomorrow.

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Monday, March 9

perfectly disturbed.

have you ever been scolded by jeepney drivers and you couldn’t say a thing because you know that they are absolutely and indeniably right? have you ever decided to cross a street without looking at the traffic lights? have you ever walked past through the pedestrian lane without even considering the vehicles running on the road? i just did.

right after the early dismissal of my humanities class, i headed to the comfort room and checked if i still look a human after not fixing myself for hours. then, i went to the automated teller machine (atm) located outside the school and realized that it was unavailable. i really needed to withdraw some money because i was broke and i couldn’t wait till tomorrow. so, even if i hate to walk past the claveria street (from ncx to city triangle), i decided to cross the street and went to the other atm. on my way to the atm near the city tri, i was almost hitted by the jeep. just imagine this, i was wearing my all-white uniform and just by one inch that the jeep will move, it will all be covered with blood. yeah, the first stupid thing i did for this week. many of my schoolmates saw what happened and to minimize my embarrassment i pretended to be okay when in fact, i was trembling. yikes. what if it really hits me? a scary thought. after i have finished the transaction in the atm, i waited for a taxi and remembered that i have to cross the street again to make a shortcut. without looking at the traffic light which was in green, i crossed the street and was almost hitted (again) by the jeep. the two drivers who almost got me into accident scolded me and asked me what was i thinking. i don’t just allow people to scold me in public (and especially in streets. duh.). i usually give them my answers even if i know it was my fault. but two hours ago, i just kept quiet and felt completely hopeless.

God, what is bringing me down these past few days? is it the upcoming exam week? is it the variety show i’m directing? is it the written paper i have to submit for my humanities class? is it the fact that i’m starting to be financially undisciplined? or is it because of regrets of driving away the man (or maybe still a boy.) i like so much? whatever the reason is, this feeling has to stop. i’m perfectly disturbed.

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