Thursday, December 31

New Study Shows Kids Are Watching TV 35 Hours Per Week

For their advertisers, Nickelodeon introduced “The Story of Me” Research Study, which takes a look at the viewing habits of children born since 2005. Unfortunately, the study’s results were startling and show that post-millennial kids are watching 35 hours of television per week – the equivalent of a part time job. Despite this statistic, the survey also showed that 80% of post-millennial children desire to be closer to their parents. Most surveyed kids also stated that “academics mattered more than popularity.”

Who are the Post-Millennials?

Post-millennial children are born after 2005. The oldest of this group is turning 9, while most are 8 or younger. Post-millennial kids are way more connected than the generations that came before them. An infographic, published by Common Sense Media, reports that half of all post-millennial babies have used a computer or smartphone before the age of 2. This isn’t surprising, considering Nickelodeon’s study confirms that post-millennial kids devour media on their televisions, tablets, smartphones and gaming systems.  

Friday, November 27

my own mindanao..

days ago, i promised myself that i would never blog about the maguindano massacre.. but i changed my mind. i want to talk about the massive killing of the defenseless people and how slow the government is taking action regarding it. it's just that, i can't take it anymore.


would you kill in order to get whatever it is that you want? of course, not. right? why would you do that? you respect the right to life of every human being. thus, you would never take it away from every person even if it means getting what you want. you know that there are legal and moral ways in getting the things you want.. why not use them? DO NOT KILL, even if it's for the name of love. why? simply because it's not right. it's immoral, it's sinful.

i don't really understand why the suspects of the maguindanao massacre did the crime. yes, killing entails them getting the things they want but at the same time, it would hurt and wound their souls. so, why do it? i wonder, are they happy seeing hopeless people die because of their greediness?


when you vote this coming 2010 elections, remember this..


please join these causes in facebook:
We Condemn The Maguindano Massacre, Jusrice for the Victims!

Justice for Maguindanao Massacre Victims

facebook user comments:

Jonathan Geslani: Kung aksidende sana to katangap-tangap pa. Pero hindi eh, sinadyang patayin ang 57 na katao ng walang kalaban laban dahil lamang sa hidwaan sa pulitika.

Mae Salvatiera: It breaks my heart. I don't want to think that there are more bad than good people. More selfish than selfless people. This incident really saddens. But, I never lose faith. God will make a way to make everything better. God bless the Philippines.
bWho in their right mind can perpetuate such a crime? Do they honestly believe they can kill 57 people in broad daylight and get away with it? what lunacy! The audacity is unbelievable! whoever did this should be punished harshly by the full force of the law and should be made an example so huwag pamarisan.

Meach V. Doroteo: I hope that the best gift that the victims family will received this Christmas is "JUSTICE"... May they rest in peace..


just a reminder: never judge a person with the group that he or she belongs but for who he is. it's not with what religion the person has, it's WHO HE REALLY IS. so please stop saying bad things about the Muslims because they don't deserve the negative generalizations.

don't mention ALLAH, Islam & true Muslims in your insults & foul words.

an excerpt from Maguindanao Massacre:
never say injurious words against ISLAM. Muslims may differ in social, political and other opinions, however, we noticed that, when someone expresses blasphemy against ISLAM—Muslims unite to defend the religion.

we are one in the eyes of God. we all believe in the Higher Being. we are brothers and sisters.. we shouldn't fight against one another. instead of saying negative things about other people, let's just pray for PEACE AND HARMONY. let's pray that we may have an openmind to accept everyone. :)

Saturday, November 21

The Zahir

Finally, I'm done reading Paulo Coehlo's The Zahir. I got the book as a present from my brother on my 18th birthday which was celebrated 6 months ago. I didn't have the chance to read it over the first semester because of the demands from my studies. I got a chance to read the amazing book during the semestral break. :)

Those who follow and read my blog know very well that I enjoy taking some lines from the books I read and the movies I watch. Click here to see my previous entries.

''What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.''


''There is, after all, that invisible institution called the Favor Bank, which I have always found very useful.''

''I'm rich, I'm famous, and if Esther has really left me, I'll soon find someone to replace her. I'm free, I'm independent. But what is freedom?''

''How could they possibly know if they were in the mood or not if they have never tried?''

''I don't regret the painful times; I bear my scars as if they were medals.''

''And yet, I cant't accept it, I can't accept that she would leave like that, without giving me a reason.''

''When someone leaves, it's because someone else is to arrive - I'll find love again.''

''We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to start, the second is not knowing when to stop.''

''It was good for a woman's ego to be with a man and know that he had chosen her even though he had had the pick of many others.''

''In my hearts of hearts, I believed that my career as a writer was over, because the woman who had made me begin was no longer there.''

''When people praise us, we should always keep a close eye on how we behave.''

''Blessed are those who are not afraid to admit that they don't know something.''

''When I had nothing more to lose, I was given everything.''

''Maybe I really don't understand, but that's precisely why I'm here - in order to understand.''

''Fate, however, had other chance.''

''There are two kinds of world: the one we dream about and the real one.''

''The Zahir always won, though; it was always there, making me think, 'I think she was here with me.'''

''Love is giving me a pretty hard time at the moment, as you know.''

''No one is alone in their troubles, there is always someone else thinking, rejoicing, or suffering in the same way, and that gives us the strength to confront the challenge before us.''

''If there is suffering, then it's best to accept it, because it won't go away just because you pretend it's not there. If there is joy, it's best to accept that too, even though you're afraid it might end one day.''

''No one should ever ask themselves that: 'Why am I unhappy?' The question carries within it the virus that will destroy everything. If we ask that question, it means we want to know what makes us happy. If what makes us happy is different from what we have now; then we must either change once and for all or stay as we are, feeling even more unhappy.''

''If I behave in the way people expect me to behave, I will become their slave.''
''The trouble is we're heading toward a point where things are becoming too comfortable, where love stops creating problems and confrontations and becomes instead a merely solution.''

''If a lie is said often enough, it ends up convincing everyone.''

''I've taken the first step and I must continue to the end.''

''I am a child again, doing something that is wrong, forbidden but which gives me enormous pleasure.''

''This story needs to reach its end.''

''There are moments in life when we reach our limit.'''

''Our human condition makes us tend to share only the best of ourselves, because we are always searching for love and approval.''

''I began to imagine how many millions of people were, at that moment, feeling utterly useless and wretched - however rich, charming and delightful they might be - because they were alone that night, as they were yesterday, and as they might well be tomorrow.''

''Everything in life has its price.''

''Information is one of expensive products in the world.''

''We must never make our parents sad even if it means giving up everything that makes us happy.''

''I was nothing and that seemed to me marvelous.''

''I write because I want to be loved.''

''...the moment when her hand touched mine and changed my life.''

''Critics are insecure, they don't really know what's going on.''

''Mediocrity and anonymity are the safest choice. If you opt for them, you'll never face any major problems in life.''

''...being with someone you really want to be, not because convention obliges you to be.''

''I fought and lost as well. I'm not trying to sew up what was rent. Like you, i want to fight to the bitter end.''

''And that is enough: knowing that the fundamental questions of life will never be answered, and that we can, nevertheless, still go forward.''

''I am the most generous person because i am close to my objective and afraid of what awaits me. my reaction is to try to help others, to show God that i'm a good person and i deserve this blessing that i have pursued so long and hard.''

''If she repeated every morning that she was happy with her life, then she would doubtly end up believing it herself and making everyone around us believe it too.''


''We've built our lives together. I love my man and he loves me, even though he's not always the most faithful of all husbands..''

''What is fidelity? The feeling that i possess a body and a soul that aren't mine?''

''Precisely that. I have everything, but I'm not happy.''

''And I'm with the man I always wanted to be at my side..''

''There are moments in life when we need to trust blindly in intuition.''

''That's all I ask. To create a world where I can always find refuge if I need it: not so far away that i can't be seen to be having an independent life, and not so close that it looks as if I'm invading your universe.''
''Tonight i'm going to pray with all my might and all my faith and ask God not to let me spend the rest of my days like this.''

''I waited as Penelope waited for Ulysses, as Romeo waited for Juliet, as Beatrice for Dante.''


''Reviewing history's a great idea, that's the only way you can change things.''

''That's how love got lost, when we started laying down rules for love should or shouldn't appear.''

''In how many other areas of our lives are we obeying rules we don't understand?''

''I realize that that all it takes to become someone in the world is a little intelligence.''

''She tells me not to worry, just tell the truth and he will understand.''

''People can't go on deceiving themselves forever.''


''...Because i'm in love and i'm afraid of suffering.''

''I'd like to know if you love me as much as I love you. but I don't have the courage to ask.''

''I wouldn't dare ask that question because the answer could ruin my life.''

''Well, I'm going to fight for you anyway because I think you're worth it.''

''I could repeat what I said to you once: 'I'm going to fight to the bitter end.' Well, I fought and I lost, and now I'll just have to lick my wounds and leave.''

''I suffer every day, did you know that? I've been suffering for months now, trying to show how much I love you, how things are important when you're by my side. But now, whether I suffer or not, I've decided enough is enough. it's over. I'm tired. If blow comes, it comes. it can lay me on the canvas, it can knock me out cold, but one day i'll recover.''

''Suffering occurs when we want other people to love us in the way we imagine we want to be loved, and not in the way that love should manifest itself - free and untrammeled, guiding us with its force and driving us on.''


''They are the prisoners of their personal history. everyone believes that the main aim in life is to follow a plan.. they never ask if that plan is theirs or if it was created by another person. they accumulate experiences, memories, things, other people's ideas, and it's more than they could possible cope with. and that is why they forget their dreams.''

''In order to live fully, it is necessary to be in constant movement; only then can each day be different from the last.''

''The nomads has no past, only the present, and that is why they were always happy..''

''When love grows, we grow with it.''

''Only when we close that story or chapter can we begin a new one.''

''The important things always stay.; what we lose are the things we thought were important..''

''We need to forget who we think we are in order to become who we really are.''

et. al.

''That's the way things are'' - Trainman

''The day that man allows true love to appear, those things which are well made will fall into confusion and will overturn everything we believe to be right and true.'' - Dante

''You're the one who's poor - you have no control over your time, you can't do what you want, you're forced to follow rules you didn't invent and which you don't understand.'' - Beggar

''That is why it is so important to let certain things go. to release them. to cut loose. people need to understand that no one is playing with marked cards; sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. don't expect to get anything back, don't expect recognition for your efforts, don't expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. complete the circle. not of our pride, inability, or arrogance, but simply because whatever it is no longer fits in your life. close the door, change the record, clean the house, get rid of t dust. stop being who you were and become who you are.''

''The accomodator or giving-up point: there is always event in our lives that is responsible for us failing to progress: a trauma, a particularly bitter defeat, a disappointment in love, even a victory that we did not quite understand, can make cowards of us and prevent us from moving on. as part of the process in increasing his hidden powers, the shaman must first himself from that giving-up point and, to do so, he must review his whole life and find out where it occurred.''

''Why don't we look at our world as it is and not with what we imagine it to be?'' - Party guest

''Everything that once made me happy just bores me, leaves me cold. for the sake of my marriage, the love of my children and the enthusiasm for my work, i decided to take two months off just for myself, and to take a long look at my life. and it's working.'' - Jan, a pilgrim

Sunday, November 15

5 Essential Tips Before Traveling to Australia

Without a doubt, Australia is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Most travellers from across the globe include this vibrant country to their must-visit places list, for it offers tons of amazing things to see and do. Your journey here will absolutely be worth it, especially when you are with the people you love the most.

Friday, November 13

symptoms of love.


Symptoms and prognosis:

1. Skippy heartbeat when you think of him/her.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Ventricular fibrillation and Myocardial Infarction.

2. Restless trembling of hands, feet and other body parts.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Parkinson's Disease

3. Constant smiling.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Bell's Palsy

4. Absent mindedness, inability to focus on tasks at work or at home.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease

5. Weakening of knees and bursts of energy when she calls or comes over.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Multiple Sclerosis

6. Inability to stop thinking about her.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

7. Bruising on neck, and other tender areas.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Leukemia

8. Insomnia.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

9. Feeling that you can smell/hear/feel her when not in her presence.
Symptoms: Love
Prognosis: Schizophrenia

Wednesday, November 11

How to Stay Chic and Classy

The holiday season is a time for gathering with friends and family to celebrate and create lasting memories. Social occasions are the highlight of season and are a great time to showcase personal style to loved ones. 

Fashion trends do change from year to year, and it's not always easy to keep up with the constantly changing styles. The key to staying chic without breaking the bank is to build a wardrobe based on timeless pieces. Once the foundation of the wardrobe is established, trendy pieces can be added to keep the look current each year.

Tuesday, November 3

sometimes, songs are all you ever need..

people at home got nothing to do.. all we can hear was the sound of the sea waves and the laughter caused by the baby in the house - evo. so, one of us turned the magic sing on and started singing our hearts out..

i'm not good in singing using the mic, so i just ended up singing along (pretending i'm good at it) and taking some lyrics of the songs for my blog (another topic. LOL). :)

note: these are just randomly selected songs by the singers.. comments placed inside the parenthesis are based on my own opinions and experiences. i understand that you too have your own. feel free to oppose and shout it out..


TELL ME: ''why did it have to end so soon when you said you would never leave me? tell me, where did i go wrong?''
(no, don't ask yourself where did you go wrong. it's not only you.. it's the two of you. as the common saying goes, 'it takes two to tango.' the relationship ended because both of you did something for it to end.. sometimes, promises are made to be broken. get up and move on from your lost love. quit asking yourself why.)

HEAVEN KNOWS: ''even though he's gone, i'm still holding on..''
(you're still holding on? okay.. it's normal but how long have you been holding on? how long will you keep on holding on. those are questions only you can answer.. will you continue to hold on even though you see there's no way that person will come back to you? oh come on, wake up! let go.. save yourself.)

SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE: ''give me a chance, listen to my lonely heart beating fast since you've been gone.''
(no, it's yourself that you should give a chance to be happy. why have a lonely heart when you could have a happy one?)

TO LOVE AGAIN: ''it's hard to love again. and i don't wanna go on pretending.. it would never be the same without you baby.''
(sure it would never be the same without the person you once had.. why? because every person affects us differently. every person gives us this certain "magic" differently.. the next one could be better.. or worse. well, it's up to you on how you deal with it. open yourself once again. that way, it'll be easy for you to love again. just don't give too much.. brace yourself too.)

ALL OUT OF LOVE: ''i'm all out of love. i'm so lost without you.. what am i without you?
(you have a lot of things to do without him.. you’ll feel lost at first but you’ll get better someday only if you allow yourself to. good luck!)

PARTING TIME: ''you've been a part of me. i wish someday you'll be back home 'cause i really miss you, darling.. please come home..
(of course, he or she has been a part of you. you once loved him or her.. or worst, you still love that person. BUT i think it's time for you to get rid of those false hopes. he or she won't be coming back again. if ever he or she will, then, there is a greater chance of that person hurting you once again. would you allow him or her to do that to you? i bet not.)

FOREVER: ''you and i, we have moments left to share.. we belong in each other's arm. now i know we can have it all forever.”
(there is no such thing as forever.)


SOMETIMES LOVE JUST AIN'T ENOUGH: ''baby sometimes, love ain't enough.. there's a danger in loving someone so much.. there's a reason why people don't stay.''
(oh yes, it's not coming from me but i'm quoting it. i, who's so in love with my current partner. sure, i love him too much but i have already reserved something for myself in case whatever we have will end. sometimes, love is not enough to make you stay. consider other factors.. if you're no longer happy, leave.. if you feel you've been hurt, talk to your partner and if he or she reacts in a manner that hurts you more, then think twice of staying with him or her.. the ugly truth is "no matter how messed up you are, the person who truly loves you won't do anything to hurt you.")

WITH A SMILE: ''we'll get by with a smile. now it's time to kiss those tears away good bye..''
(oh yes.. move on. kiss those tears away goodbye and say hello to another love.. keep smiling because it'll help you attract more happy things. would you like to see yourself unhappy while the other person is happy?)

HIGH: ''dreams won't die.. you got to hold your head up high.''
(be the best that you can be.. show your ex-partner that you can live your life without him or her. remember that before he or she came, you already have your life. now is the time to bring it back and to make it better..)

DREAM ABOUT YOU: ''when you love someone, you gotta learn to let them go.''

I WILL SURVIVE: ''i will survive!''

DREAM ABOUT YOU: ''thank you for teaching me how to love.. thanks to you for teaching me how to feel, showing me my emotions, letting me know what's real from what is not. no heartbreak will stop me from believing..''
(i know you would hate me from what i have to say next. YES. THANK THE PERSON WHO MADE YOU FEEL THAT WAY - wrecked, frustrated, devastated, hopeless. that person may have hurt you in the **s and you hate him or her for that. when you continue hating him or her, you're allowing yourself to be hung up in the past. so, instead of cursing that person to die or to feel the same pain you're feeling, thank him or her for the experience and for the lessons he or she taught you. maybe right at this moment, you don't remember the good things he or she does while you were still together but come to think of it. days, weeks, months or years ago, he or she made you really happy. well, at least, thank that person for those times. yes, it was you who was hurt but you don't have to be angry to that person forever. it's normal to be mad at him or her but please try to at least lessen the anger everyday as you move on. trust me, it's you who'll get all the benefits for feeling good. you know what's the sweetest and greatest thing you could do to the person who hurt you the most? kill him or her with your goodness..)


someone who has been there. 
oh yes, it's me, thecoffeechic. i'm talking to you straight from my very heart..

i once had my heart broken by someone i LOVED dearly (readers and followers of my blog (especially my close friends) knew how much i was into him,) everything was so perfect between us until one day, things started to fall apart and we failed to notice that we too were already drifting apart. it was too late for the two of us to save the relationship.. and just like that, we broke up. he left my heart broken into pieces. i never thought i would be able to love again.. i was greatly devastated about what happened. i even tried being alone in my room, crying over the loss and laughing over the memories i once had with him.. sure, i was almost crazy BUT I REALIZED I SHOULDN'T ACT IN SUCH WAYS. i chose to be happy.. i got up from my downfall, accepted the fact that he's completely gone, surrounded myself with friends, thought of happy thoughts, moved on and started to open the doors for new things..

THEN, ONE DAY, i met someone who makes me really happy, who brings out the best in me. he makes me love him more than i love anybody else.. my friends would even ask me, 'where's (insert my ex name's here)? i thought you were so inlove with him, why?..' i would just flash them my smile and say, 'wala na.. i'm so happy with the new love i never thought i would find so soon.'

sure i no longer have anything for my past love.. i am so inlove with my current partner and i hope he loves me more (well, he keeps on saying he does). i don't know how long will this last but i'm hoping for it to last for so long because i don't wanna lose him.. but in case, he has to leave or somebody has to take him away from me, i'll let go and accept the fact that another man left me.. for sure, it will hurt like hell but it will hurt more if i won’t let him go. 

i am at my best now. i am happiest.

Sunday, October 11

"SIR, MA'AM.."

tomorrow is a monday - start of the final week. (i only have three major exams! yehhheeeey!)
after saturday (after the mind-breaking accounting departmental exam), END OF CLASSES.
sembreak starts! i'll be having at least a week or more for a short vacation back in my province.

anyway, i'm currently here at brew crew's coffee house enjoying my all-time favorite brain freezer: iced white choco mocha. i'm not called The COFFEE CHIC.. for nothing. :D

for the day, i'll be taking this chance to say something to my teachers during the first semester of academic year 2009-2010. i don't care whether they read this or not. :)

"you are a really great teacher.. it's so amazing how i understand your everyday lessons with ease. you make it so easy for your students to learn something. i love your sense of humor. it makes me feel like i'm not attending an academic class at all. you know how to give your students the best gift a teacher could ever give: TEACHING THEM WHILE HAVING FUN. thank you for it. thank you also for not confiscating my phone even if you see me texting in front of you, for listening to me everytime i question your answer and for being so patient about the class. keep the great attitude, sir!"

"i know i'm one of the students causing you head-aches every mwf's. sometimes, i make you feel like your subject is not on my priority list. i come into your class late ALL THE TIME. when i'm in the classroom, i don't listen to you. i always talk with my writing partner or seat mates. i pretty well remember what happened during the first prelim exam. i took the test really late for i came 30-minutes after the test has started and it took you 10-minutes to decide whether to allow me to take it or not. i only have 20-minutes left to finish your really really long exam.. i almost hated you for that despite the fact that it was my fault. :) i'm just so glad i still got a good grade on the said exam. see? you may feel like i'm taking englsih 23 for granted but it's not true. i'm so sorry for all those. :) i want to thank you for giving good feedbacks about my argumentative research paper and for not asking so much questions during the presentation to the panel lists. :)"


"haha. *laugh laugh* you're such a funny teacher. i'm so thankful you never scolded me for sleeping in your classes, for coming late most of the time, for just plainly texting while your discussing. it's a mystery for me on how i perfected your exam when i didn't even study at all and when i didn't even listen during the lecture. well, thank you so much to the formula and to the little stock knowledge. thank you so much for everything, sir. forgive me for making you feel like i'm one of the black sheeps in the class. you left me laughing when you asked me, 'miss c., are you part of BSA-2A?' i know what made you raise that question. it was because i act like i'm not in the first section. SORRY. :D"

"you're amazing! you're super down-to-earth. i didn't know you were a lawyer not until a seatmate told me. now i know why you are so smart and why you're updated with the world's current events. thank you for the knowledge you've taught me and my classmates about how the economies of the world work. thank you for making me the highest in the class for the prelims and midterms. :) i really love attending your classes. you say many great things, not only about economics, but life in general. THANK YOU!"

"honestly, i don't really like you as a teacher because you're too smart that you don't know how to share your knowledge to your students. for the first semester, i never really learned anything from your discussions that is why i opt to just watch the busy roxas street for 3 hours.. i opt to do self-study. i'm so sorry for not being a good student this semester. it's just that i lose interest everytime i enter f711. i used to love accounting but right now, you're making me hate it. if i'll be retained in the program next sem, i promise to do better and i wish i'll never have you as a teacher again. do i sound really bitter? :D sorry.."

"you're great! thank you for the first semester of teaching me about databases and for the friendship you've shared to us (my classmates). thank you for always starting our class 30-minutes late. LOL. and oh, please don't call me lover girl again and stop teasing me about my boyfriend. grrrrrr. it makes me blush. haha. thank you also for giving me ang my partner good grades on our final project. :) i'm so sorry for always playing hangaroo. :D"

"you have no idea how much i hated playing ball games. every monday morning, i feel really bad because of your subject. it lowers my self-esteem because i know i'm not good into playing volleyball. but that was before when no one encourages me to keep on practicing. thank you for telling me i can do it during the practical exams. thank you for listening to my lame excuses everytime i'm not prepared to play.. thank you for not scolding me everytime you see me act like a post during the team plays. :) and most, thank you for pulling my WPA higher because of your remarks."

"thank you for the experiences! you taught me many thing about life. you have a good sense of humor and an amazing personality. THANK YOU!"

Monday, October 5


it's another monday morning. i have nothing else to do so i opened my lappy and started blogging. i checked my previous posts if there were any comments then my blog lists. i clicked the blogs of my friends one by one until i came across with ate deth's MindDeth. her latest post was entitled "you can let go now, daddy." it really caught my attention so i watched the video posted on it..


how i wish i could hug him right at this moment and tell him how much he means to me, how much i love him and how much i wouldn't want to lose him..

he was running right beside me, his hand holding on the seat..
i took a deep breath and hollered as i headed to the street..
he kept holding tightly to my arm..

i don't want my dad to let go of me yet..
it's a little bit scary..
i won't be okay yet.

someday in time, i'll be telling him,
"you can let go now, daddy. you can let go.. oh, i think i'm ready to this on my own.
it's a little bit scary.. but i want you to know, i'll be okay. YOU CAN LET GO.

Wednesday, September 30

How to Have Fun on Weekends

Many people always look forward for Fridays. I am pretty sure that everyone of us loves this day. Whenever we wake up on a Friday morning, we find ourselves smiling knowing that it is the day that we have been waiting for. It marks the end of our busy days and start of the happy-and-stress-free days. Yes, weekends are amazing. Saturdays and Sundays are made for us.

If you have no idea how to make the most out of your weekends, then make sure to continue reading and check the list below:

Sunday, September 13

Four Activities To Do in Madrid

The city of Madrid, located in the center of Spain, is known for its culture. There are many art museums and parks in this historic city, which is known for its tapas appetizers and ancient squares.

Taste the food.

Spain is a country where each region has its own food culture. Visitors will be able to explore Madrid's food culture by enjoying a tapas tour, a tour around several of the city's tapas bars. In the centric La Latina district there are many tapas bars that serve many types of tapas, from simple aceitunas olives to traditional patatas bravas, large potato slices served with alioli and spicy sauce.

Enjoy some shopping.

Fuencarral street is located near the centric Gran Vía street, which is filled with cafés, restaurants and shops, including HM, Sephora and Zara. Fuencarral and the nearby Hortaleza streets are filled with bars, diners, restaurants and local designer stores. Visitors will be able to enjoy many traditional and international foods. There is a market on Fuencarral street that has many stores where visitors will be able to find products designed by local designers.

Monday, August 3

yellow is "the color"..

nothing is more painful than losing your mother / best friend / comforter. it's like the whole world has turned it's back from you for a moment..

it hurts you more than you could ever imagine..

that is why i feel for kris and her siblings for losing mother, mrs. corazon aquino..

yesterday afternoon, i saw kris on the tv crying over the death of her beloved mother who has stayed with her through the ups and downs of her life.. her tears were real. it was different from the ones i saw on her movies. that time, i knew she wasn't in control of her emotions.. she didn't only cry for losing her mother but also for remembering the death of her dad who was one of the political victims of the marcos' regime. their death hurts kris but the memories she had with them hurts more.

after her interview with boy abunda, i thought to myself, "it must have been hard for kris to be one of the daughters of the highly respected and idolized heroes in the Philippine society." imagine? she has parents who has played a great role in getting back the democracy that has been long deprived to her countrymen.. her father shed the last drop of his blood for the country and her mother died a natural death but has lived her life for the Filipino people. i must say, kris is a lucky woman not because she has tons of tv shows or that has all the richness this world could offer but..

because she has two great parents who will be forever remembered by the Filipinos because of the exceptional things that they have done for them..


i still have my dad and mom with me.. i'm glad that i still do for i don't think i'd be able to live my life the way i'm living it now without them. i love them so much and i know, they'll soon leave me. i just wish not sooner.

since we still have the chance to spend more time with our parents, let's make it the best. never forget to say "i love you" and of course, let them feel what you're saying. :)

Friday, July 24

some memories are meant to be remembered..

after two days of suffering from seasonal flu, i finally had the chance to visit my alma mater - de la salle john bosco college. it was the place where i finished my primary and secondary education.. i have countless memories from the said institution. of course, i stayed there for like 12 years.

the primary reason why i wanted to go back to my old school is to talk to my dearest ex-adviser who, according to my friends, is mad at me because i wasn't able to invite her on my debut party last may. i knew i needed settle some things with her. i can't allow my stupid mistake ruin our good relationship.. at first, that was the only reason i had in my mind. but..

when i entered the gates of the new DLSBC, i felt something great in me. then, i said to myself,
"i love to be back here. i want to have a touch of the old things i used to enjoy and to smile at, i want to feel the old feelings i had way back my high school years and i want to bring the old memories back to life.."

there were a lot of changes since the first time i entered the school (kindergarten).. the name, vision mission, buildings, pathways, catwalks, courts, gymnasium, roads.. almost everything has changed and yet, i still have the same old feelings..

everywhere i go reminds me of something wonderful. i can't deny that there were some bad memories that came up my mind but still, the good ones prevailed. i found myself smiling as i remember certain things..


i wouldn't dare forget the high school graduation day or else i'll be caught dead by my batch mates. :D i still remember the exact date of that special day - it was on march 25, 2007.

sexy back? LOL. he should have left when this picture was taken. haha.

with my senior classmates..

with some of my junior classmates..


within a four-walled classroom, i met persons having different personalities. some were too outspoken, some were too shy, some were bad, some were good.. i never thought that those persons will compose my barkada.. it's just so amazing to know that i still have them despite all the difficulties that has come to our friendship. this only means that they're my real friends. and with that, i'm certain.

yes, i'm one of the boys. LOL.

right after classes, we usually stay on this place we call "the stairway of happiness."


on my last year on DLSJBC, they were the persons who made a great difference in my life. they taught me many things such wearing high heels all the time is a big no-no, make-up is sometimes a necessity but most of the time it isn't, simplicity is beauty and more! i so miss alphonians..

wearing the class shirt on the socialization day.

i miss the driving lessons with my two great buddies.

the old me and ken. :)

memories may fade as the years go by but they won't age a day..

Monday, July 13

i'm a FILIPINA..

i don't understand why i feel a sudden grip of sadness everytime i see the Philippine flag being raised and waved. please don't ask me why because i don't have the answer and i bet, you don't have it too.

a video shown on one of my civic welfare training service sessions

i really admire the courage and determination of the little boy. he may be just a simple child who doesn't know much of the world but he surely knows the real meaning of being Filipino. he knows deep in his heart that he is a Filipino and it is his duty to raise and wave the Philippine flag no matter how impossible it may seem..

i have learned from the video and from the session that, "for us to be a rightful citizen of the Philippines, we must actively participate in every endeavor this land calls for us to. active participation means being prepared for what is to be given to us."



three organizations, namely general assembly of class presidents (gacp), commission on elections (comelec) and social involvement coordinating office (sico), from ateneo de davao university will be launching a project called "atenista, tama ako!" on july 15, 2009 at ADDU-jacinto campus. this project aims to invite the youth sector to participate in the upcoming 2010 elections.

ACTIVITIES: political education, leadership forums, presidential debates, mock elections, satellite in-campus registration and the like. i invite all ateneo de davao university students to participate in the in-line activities. :)

"ang boto ko ay para sa isang mapayapang bansa. tama ako!"
- guard

"ang boto ko ay para sa pagpapantay ng bawat karapatan ng mga Filipino. tama ako!"
- student

"ang boto ko ay para sa aking pamilya. tama ako!"
- janitor

"ang boto ko ay para sa kabataan."
- campaign manager

"ang boto ko ay para sa kalikasan."
- nursing division representative

"ang boto ko ay para sa pagpapahalaga ng mga batas sa ating bansa."

right to suffrage is not only a right but also privilege. voting for somebody is an honor..
when you vote, you perform your rights and duties as a Philippine citizen.

you are a determining factor. it's either you "break or make" a certain candidate..


it's the first organization at school that i became a part of. i was voted by my classmates on my first sem at ADDU as the class president which automatically made me a member of the org. i wasn't satisfied with just being a member so i applied for the executive committee luckily, i did become an execom under the publicity committee.

the second organization i joined was the ADDU COMELEC. i didn't have any intentions of running for any position in the school's student body but i wanted to be involve in the school politics which led me to becoming a member of the org.. at first, i find the activities tiring especially during the elections - the launching of candidates, the miting de avance, the reading of guidelines, the campaign, the election proper and the last canvassing. but as i continue doing those, i find myself happy with what i am doing. it feels great being one of the persons who make sure that there are always clean elections. now, i'm the legal department head. :)

last thursday, i received a letter from the organization inviting me to join them. even if they didn't send me an invitation letter, i'd still join SICO. i want to be socially involve and to become more of a woman for others. i believe that the organization will help me meet my goals..

i will be submitting my application form on wednesday. i hope i get in.

one of the essay questions was, "why would SICO accept you as a volunteer?" i answered it with a simple sentence, "SICO should accept me as a volunteer because i am willing to do anything that i am capable of for the organization."



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Saturday, July 11

the "bet".

life is nothing but a gamble. sometimes, you win. sometimes, you lose..

in my life, the case is that i always lose. i always invest so much on certain things expecting that in the long run, i would win. but unfortunately, i would only end up realizing i have lost another battle. despite those failures, i still continue gambling because there's still a little hope left that someday i will finally win. and of course, because i am strong or maybe that's what i thought i am.

there were times in my complicated yet exciting life when i lost many things for i wasn't smart enough to know that i have bet on the wrong side. yea right, i always thought wrong.

my life's gamble is not easy. when i lose on the bet, i don't lose money but rather i lose the persons i love, the things i value, the plans i've made and the certainties i have. well, this made me wish that "sana, pera nalang ang nawala sa'kin. di yung mga bagay na di ko kayang mawala."


that was the melo-dramatic side of me. i was just looking for some drama but the truth is that i just want to react over the bad yet fun gambling i've had yesterday. it was the VERY FIRST time i gambled for money. :D

since palarong atenista is now going on, different games are played every activity period at school. there are volleyball, basketball, indoor games, etc.. the top-viewing game of all time is the basketball game which is played by the campus cuties. for the girls, it's a must-see game because of the players but for the boys, it's a must-see game because of the money they have gambled..

every 3:40 in the afternoon of mondays, wednesdays and fridays, i would hear students talk about certain basketball teams and say their bets. they would start from a hundred to five then to a thousand until they reach an unimaginable price. for the past days, i would only listen to the conversations and keep quite. but yesterday was a different afternoon for me and my other friends. instead of hanging out in a coffee shop (the thing we do every mwfs afternoon), we had our early dinner at mang inasal. after that, we went back to school to watch the basketball game between the business management team and engineering and architecture team. i heard it would be a great fight and that's the reason why i gambled.

i arrived at school with a smile on my face feeling so excited for the game. but i left with a frown painted on my not-so-happy face. needless to say, i lost the bet. i lost P500. grrr. how i wish my gentlemen friends will not get the money from me this monday. sayang kasi eh. pang-coffee na yun for three days. haha. :D

i may have lost a part of my allowance but i had a great fun.

sana ganito palagi sa sugal ng buhay ko. after losing, nakangiti pa rin kasi yung nawala, material thing lang kaso hindi eh. most of the time, i regret the choices i make..


Sunday, July 5

love isn't enough. it never was..

for the very first time, i had an all-by-myself saturday afternoon. there were no calls from friends asking me where i am, no invitations for hang outs, no annoying messages from persons i don't want to be with, no room mate for chitchats and no girl friends to shop with.

luckily, i was able to sleep the whole afternoon alone in my little cold room.

i must say, i had a very great saturday afternoon beauty rest. i thought to myself, "this might be my lucky day. i don't find anything to worry about except that i did something i should have not done." well, that's what i thought not until i was faced with a dilemma.


it was about 4 in the afternoon when i woke up from a very wonderful sleep. i grabbed my phone and checked for messages.. as i was about to read the messages, "the girl calling" (the girl is just an alias i used to cover for my friend's name) appeared in the screen. i hurriedly took the call and screamed, "the girl!" i was expecting the voice on the other line to be happy but i was frustrated. there was a different "the girl" talking to me. her voice wasn't the kind of voice i would want to hear. she was no longer the same old energetic person. she was speaking soft and slow, as if she's afraid that somebody might hear her speak. i asked how's she doing with her new life. she just answered me with "okay lang. padulong ko downtown. kuhaon na nako mcard.. see you sa brew." ("just fine. i'm on my way to the city to get the mcard. see you at brew.") and then she hung up.

i wanted to call her back but i was so hesitant that she might not want me to call her. so, instead of returning her call, i just sent her a message saying i'll meet her at brew crew's coffee shop after an hour. there was no reply..

i was blogging then when she texted me, "aha ka?" ("where are you?") i sent her a very short reply, "brew." in a few minutes, i saw her standing outside the coffee shop.
she was smiling but i knew that something's so wrong. i even know what that something is. it's just that i'm not so sure about it.. i invited her for a cup of coffee so we can talk about the "thing" but she said she couldn't. her future husband, the one she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with, was waiting in the car.

i flashed her a sad smile and asked her not to hurt herself. she can't marry the person she isn't sure of.. and most, she can't stop going to school. it was as if she didn't hear anything from me. she just said she can't stay any longer and she only needs to get the mcard i borrowed from her.. i gave her what she was looking for and she left.
i wanted to stop her but i couldn't.. i'm afraid that it would be the last time i'll ever see her again. i just hope no..


right after "the girl" left, i went back to my table and finished my mocha freeze. i then left to visit my cousin at her place..

at my cousin's apartment: i was lying in bed when my phone rang. i took the cellphone from my bag and saw that "the boy" was calling me. i pressed the green call button and asked him why he called.

he told me that he read my facebook status and then he remembered to call me. i didn't know what to answer. so i just ask him, "okay ka na?" to keep the conversation going. i knew i was stupid for asking him that kind of question because i'm aware that he wasn't. he really isn't.
we talked about many things and i told him that i had a 10-minute chat with "the girl" at brew. he asked me about the things we talked and why i didn't call him when in fact, he was just at street cafe waiting for my call. he was expecting that he'd see "the girl" once again. i answered him, "i didn't know you were at street caf. nah 'his name', we only talked for like ten minutes. you know naman, her future husband was waiting for her."

i also told him that "the girl" told me that she will be going back to school after her wedding. too bad, we're not invited.

i felt the sadness and the hopelessness of a great man over the phone. i knew that he really loves "the girl" so much but he just couldn't find a way how to keep her. what could he do? he's just a plain student who doesn't earn great amount of money while the other man is a seaman who is capable of doing anything just like taking away from her the first woman he loves so dearly.

there was a different voice now. it sounded like it came from a little boy who is secretly crying after losing a thing which he considers as precious. i knew that time, i had to help him. so, i asked where he was and decided to fetch him there..

since he was at the same street with my cousin's place, it was easy for me to see him..

i saw a man standing just outside a black adventure car and i was sure it was him. i went near that man and smiled at him. i wasn't expecting him to smile for i know it's hard for a broken hearted person to flash a smile. he can't fake his smile..

honestly, at that exact moment, i didn't know what to do. i just asked him to listen to me first and to stop crying for it won't help him. unfortunately, i failed.

tears were running down his cheeks and he was ashamed of it. he wanted to stop crying but he couldn't.. i wanted to help him but i didn't know how. i just kept on talking and talking until the night ended.

he sent me home and he left with tears on his eyes.


they love each other and that, i'm certain. it breaks my heart to know that they are no longer together.. i can't accept the fact that "the girl" has to marry another man whom she doesn't love. i don't see the point why her mom wants her to marry at the age of 19, and worse, with someone her daughter hates.. i don't also understand why "the girl" and "the boy" need to part ways when they are so in-love with each other.

i wish i could do something to save their relationship. i wish i could stop the marriage. i wish i could help them ease the pain they're feeling. i wish i could make impossible things possible..

now, i know that love isn't enough to keep two persons together. letting go is an art everyone must be a master of because most of the time, people don't get what they want.