pretty normal "me".

hey, i'm pretty normal. or i should say, i'm trying to that is why i am. wait, tama ba? : g r i n :

last monday, i took the guidance test which i haven't taken last semester because i didn't want to. this sem, i have to take it or else i will be receiving memo every other week from the guidance office which is something i don't want to happen.. it is also tiresome for the person who will be handing the memo to me..
i should say, i did something right last monday. : b l u s h :

anyway, there were 330 problems presented in the test. the instruction was to choose the problems which are bothering me. i'm glad that out of those 330, i only found 32 problems that are currently bugging me (not a lot).. some of those problems are:

- going out with someone my family won't accept
- wondering if i'll ever find a suitable mate
- wondering if i'll be successful in life
- wanting to improve my manners and etiquette
- parents expecting to much of me
- tiring of the same meals everytime
- wanting more worthwhile discussions with people
- wondering if i'll ever get married
- wanting so much to travel
- sometimes not being honest as i should be : h m m :

only those persons close to me would understand why i consider those things as problems..

generally, i don't really have GREAT problems in my family, friends, studies and everything in my life. : w o o h o o :

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