lurve survey.

1.) Do you try to ever play it off like you don't like somebody when you do?
-- yes. but at the end of the day, i'd end up expressing my real feelings.. it's super hard to pretend you don't like somebody when you're really dying to be with that person. :] .

2.) Are you straight-forward about your feelings?
-- yes. i hate it and some persons hate me for it..

3.) Would you rather have loved somebody for years or fall instantly in love?
-- fall instantly in love. loving somebody for years can also be subject to law of marginal diminishing utility. lol.

4.) Do you wish that you can see him or her tonight?
-- "him" refers to the person i like. YES. i wish he'd show up here in my place.

5.) What makes him or her so special?
-- he can turn up my worst day into a good one. he can make me smile at all times. :] .

6.) Do any songs remind you of him?
-- yes. but i won't give the title of the song. hihi. .

7.) What hurts more being in love or being without the one you love?
-- being without the one you love. it's so sad. :(

8.) Have you ever broke up with someone you really loved?
-- not yet. i realized i haven't really love the persons i've been with. it's just that i like them.. .

9.) How many times have you truly been in love?
-- zero.

10.) Do you believe there is a perfect relationship?
-- perfect? NO. nothing is perfect, not even a relationship. i believe there is a near-to-perfection relationship but still, it's NOT perfect. .

11.) If you could turn back time, would you change your feelings for some person?
-- yes, i will. i would choose not to like them.. .

12.) Do you love someone now?
-- yeap. i love my family and friends.. nothing comes next to the list. :]

13.) If the person you love was here now, would you tell them?
-- "i love you and i want you to remember that i'll always do."

14.) Have you ever liked someone your friend is dating?
-- nope. actually, i'm liking someone whom my friend used to date. i'm trying to stop this feeling 'cause i know this is so wrong.. don't worry, i don't betray my friends..

15.) Do you believe in love?
-- yes. it's a powerful thing in this world..

16.) Do you show your affection out in public?
-- yes, especially if it's for my family. ;)

17.) If you love someone so much, could you let him/her go?
-- no. letting go is such a stupid thing to do.. why let go for something i really want? hmn? but maybe, i'd still let that person go. 'cause i can't force somebody to stay with me if he is dying to leave.. ang gulo ko! :x .

18.) How old were you when you had your first crush?
-- i guess, 9. :)

19.) What is your biggest turn on?
-- if my parents like the person. it's a big turn on.. i can't like somebody if my parents don't like that somebody. uhmm. maybe i can but i won't be able to stand the pressures that may arise. haha. .

20.) What is your biggest turn off?
-- bad attitude! like having too much pride, ignoring my existence most of the time and the like.

21.) What is the best part about a relationship?
-- idk. i haven't been in a great relationship yet.. i'll discover it soon..

22.) What is the worst part about a relationship?
-- when two persons decide to commit into a relationship and find out that they don't really go well together..

23.) Do you get jealous when you see other couples?
-- happy couples. yes, sometimes.. .

24.) Have you ever stolen someone's boyfriend?
-- nope and never. i wouldn't do it.. it's super unethical.. .

25.) Have you ever been on a double date?
-- not yet. it was a triple date. haha. .

26.) What's the best place for a date?
-- BEACH. beach. BEACH.

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