I Chased You Long Enough

After having a long chat with my friend who's currently in Cebu, I decided to watch another episode of Gossip Girl's season 2. It was because I'm bored and I can't play my favorite Ultimate Block Party. Unfortunately, I left my psp in my brother's room. He might kill me if I'd wake him up in a wee hour just to get something I left in his place which happens to be a result of my carelessness. You probably get my point. right?

Whatever i have written in my first paragraph doesn't really have much relevance in what this blog post is all about. I am writing again for my most-loved TV series. Right after I heard the last lines spoken by Chuck Bass in the show, I felt something in my fingers that made me click the "post" button in my multiply page and then blogged. This time, I won't be talking about how nice the show was or how i love Chuck and Blair (you have no idea how much i love GG).. It will all be about Chuck's last words to Blair:

"I chased you long enough. It's time for you to chase me."

Those are the words I always use as an introduction in my advice to my almost-broken-hearted and truly-broken-hearted friends. For example, I told my good guy friend in high school:

"Plew, it's time for you to teach her a lesson.
You've chased her long enough.
Let her chase you now."

To tell you, it works all the time. I guess, what i'm trying to say the other person is:
Stop chasing the person who enjoys watching you chase him/her. Let him/her miss the attention and you will be happy to see him/her chase you back..

I want to make this post longer but i couldn't.. This is because i'm sleepy and my brain is less functioning. My whole system is about to hibernate. :D

Oh, it's already 3:28. I need to sleep now. : d o z e : : d o z e : : d o z e : : d o z e : : d o z e : : d o z e : : d o z e :

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