"what i like more than anything is honesty."

I just finished watching Gossip Girl's Season 2 - episode 1. It's really nice. Haaayyyyyy. I can't wait for the next episodes! Anyway, here are some of the lines I got from the episode. 


"Some say summer is the busiest season."

"Also spotted, Serena van Der Doodsen on the beach.. Alone again."

"Well, well, well lonely boy, maybe dating and dumping sSerena wasn't a bad idea. Looks like it's time to give you a new nickname. How about playboy."

"As for little J, looks like the summer has been all work and no play."

"Spotted, Chuck Bass waiting.. A dozen roses in one hand, his heart in the other."

"You know what they say, a man is a good thing to come home for and even better to come home with."

"Ain't karma a bitch? We know Blair Waldorf is."

"Sometimes, the stars align for two old friends to come together. But sometimes, they align for two flames to totally combust."

"Spotted, Serena and Nate in a massive display of PDA. And that's what exactly Dan Humprhey is - pretty damn angry."

"When words get in the way, there's only one thing left to do."

"They say summer love is fleeting. But sometimes, what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing. A simple trip to the beach could be all it takes to clear our minds, open our hearts and write an ending to an old story. There are those who got burned by the heat. They just want to forget and start over. Well, there are others who want the moment to last forever.. But the end of summer is the beginning of a new season. So we find ourselves look into the future. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.."


"Blair will never forgive you for what you did to her." - Serena to Chuck

"I don't think it's wise taking a relationship advice from somebody in a fake relationship. Call me crazy.” – Chuck to Serena

“Enjoy another night alone with your thoughts." - Chuck to Serena

"Good luck in your suicide mission." - Serena to Chuck

"Excuse me, I think I just lost my apetite." - Chuck 

"I don't think I'm ready.. I just miss Dan sometimes.. all the time." - Serena to Blair

"He sweep me off my feet. he is so charming. Plus, he tells the best stories.." Blair to Serena

"You're lying. You're eyes are doing that thing which doesn't match your mouth." - Chuck to Blair

"I wasn't aware that robots get jealous." - Blair to Chuck

"You didn't hurt me!" - Blair to chuck

"It's not a waste. You can still change it." - Rufus to Jenny

"Look, I know I acted like a total and complete virgin bitch last year. But what you don't know is how bad I feel about it.." - Jenny to Eric

"Well Nate, you have two choice. Under the bed or out of the window?" - Girl to Nate

"It would kill me if Chuck will know that he ruined my summer." - Blair to Serena

"I'm in the mood to be right." - Chuck to Eric

"I've tried not to think about it all summer. I'm afraid that if I did, I would see that I made a huge mistake.." - Dan to Rufus

"Well, you've been running all summer. maybe it's time to stop, turn around and face it." - Rufus to Dan

"The keys to someone else's happiness are not necessarily the same keys for your own." - Cici to Dan

"You've been using me to make that guy jealous." - James to Blair

"Am i? Or you're too interested in yourself to know me? You do deserve each other." - James to Blair

"You really know how to hurt people. I admire you for it." - Chuck to Blair

"I didn't make you do anything. You're just you.. Can't you see, we're the same." - Chuck to Blair

"I was hoping that when I saw you, I would know that we did the right thing. But I don't feel that way. I don't feel that way at all." - Dan to Serena

"What I like more than anything is honesty." - Blair to James

"Chuck, aren't you done trying to destroy my mind?” - Blair to Chuck

"Look, I never should have abandoned you. And I made the wrong decision. I was scared, scared that if we spend the whole summer together, just us -.. Please don't leave with him.." - Chuck to Blair

"Give me a reason and I'm Chuck Bass doesn't count. The true reason – three words, eight letters. Say it and I'm yours." - Blair to Chuck


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