a new girl?

OMG! i can't believe this is happening to me. what the ****?! this is really bad. i wasn't expecting this thing to happen right now.. things happen when i least expect it. well, it is always true all the time..

what happened?
let me tell you the bad story..

i was visited by my best boy friend this night. he kept on asking me if how is my love life going. i told him that i've been single for almost two years. he said he couldn't believe that i didn't have a boyfriend for a long time. i just told him "hello? i'm getting fatter everyday! and i've changed..". he just laughed and said that he is happy for the big change i've had. i tried to change the topic by asking him to help me with my research papers and essays. everytime i shift the topic, he would bring it back. i got annoyed and told him to just leave for it's already late. of course, i said it in a very nice way.. before he left, he told me that he will just drop at my place tomorrow.. this conversation took place:
me: "what time matapos imong class diay?"
he: "7PM. pero, mga 8 or 8:30 nako makaanhi."
me: "ngano?"
he: "after my class, muadto ko sa akong girlfriend."
me: "whattttt???"

i was dumbfounded for a second. i can't believe what i just heard from the guy who has been into me for quite a long time. for all you know, he is the only person (aside from my family) whom i can proudly say that really loves me.. i felt betrayed. i know i'm not supposed to feel this way. but i can't help it.. hello? after all those years? yikes, i'm talking as if i'm his girl. LOL. this is what my friends have been telling me. KARMA.

i only like him as a friend but i can't accept the fact that he has found a new girl who would get the attention he used to give me.. i know i'm being selfish. HAAAAYYYYY. :( maybe, this is who i am. i'm used to getting all his attention and now, a new girl came between us? no. this can't be..

i'm not hruting inside. NAIINIS LANG AKO! sobra!

whaaa. maybe this situation explains why i love "MY BESTFRIEND'S WEDDING" movie.

♪♪♪ what goes around, comes around.. ♪♪♪

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