love guru.

Genre: Comedy

"if you're happy and you know it, think again."
this was the first line i heard from guru pitka. it may sound like nothing but it does make sense. right? the same thing goes with the movie.. "love guru" may just be a simple comedy film but it's amazing how it shows life lessons in its scenes..

the movie is about a love guru named pitka who moved back to america after being raised by gurus in india. he is just always the second best and because of this, he is willing to make EVERYTHING to be the best and to get an interview from oprah.. to become the most famous guru, he have to reunite a couple who broke up because of some misunderstandings. if he can do this, he will be paid 2 million dollars and will be the next top guru. he was blinded by materiality for a while but he soon regained his senses back because of his love for jane. hay, i don't know what to say next.. JUST WATCH THE MOVIE. YOU'LL SURELY ENJOY IT. :)

trivia: it's a real-life movie.
notes: remember DRAMA.



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