special love.

some of the lines i got from "a very special love" movie of john lloyd and sarah geronimo.
WARNING: if you hate corny lines, click "BACKSPACE".

lloydi as miggy sarah g. as laida


between miggy and his stepbrother. (in a board meeting) miggy: "you just can't take it away from me."
kuya: "yes, we can. we were the ones who give it to you.."
between miggy and laida. (at the bachelor's conference room)
miggy: "can you even say the word sex?"
laida: "sex."
miggy: "yes laida. sex!"
between miggy and his dad. (at her dad's place)
dad: "hang on son. you'll prove them you're good enough."
miggy: "dad, kung hindi talaga kami magkaiba, why do i need to prove anything?"
between miggy and laida. (at the office of the president)
miggy: "i didn't ask you to love me.."
laida: "alam ko.."
miggy: "so don't expect me to love you back."
between miggy and his dad. (at her mom's tomb)
dad: "i'm proud of you son."
miggy: "bakit ni minsan hindi ko naramdaman?"
dad: "'cause there's a pain in your heart. and i'm sorry for giving you that pain.."
dad: "if only i could go back and do things.."
miggy: "'di na pwede eh.."
dad: "but if i could, i'd still want you to be my son." between miggy and laida. (in the middle of the rain - last scene) miggy: "i'm sorry. ano ba'ng gusto mong gawin ko?"
laida: "patigilin mo ang ulan."
*sun dance*
miggy: "laida, nahihirapan ako."
laida: "mahirap? subukan mo kayang magmahal ng isang tulad mo para malaman mo kung ano ang mahirap."
miggy: "buong buhay ko, sinubukan kong mahalin ang sarili ko. nahirapan din ako.. and i'm sorry that i didn't love you the way that you did.." ...
miggy: "so please. please don't give up on me.."

"scrap that. i wanna change everything.." (to the bachelor's staff)

"there's no room for mistakes or distractions.." (to the bachelor's staff)

"number one gets the best while number two gets what is left." (to the bachelor's staff)

"something inside has changed.. and it came by surprise." (typing)
"it may look different but it feels right." (typing)
"but the biggest change is that the bachelor is not afraid to show that he has a heart.." (typing)

"somebody here thinks i'm okay." (to her mother)
"love is conditional.." (to laida)

"i have been working all my life to gain their respect and their name." (to laida)

"stop making me believe that everything will be okay 'cause it haven't been okay for the last 25 years." (to laida)

(sticky notes in cups)
1. "chillax sir."

2. "there's always sunshine after the rain.."

3. "write from the heart."



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