whee. the last time i made a blog post was six days ago.. i think, its time for me to make another NONSENSE blog. you don't have to read this. it's just that i feel like making another one. if you happen to open this, i'm sorry.. I MEAN IT.

things in school are getting harder everyday. i can't understand why i have to be loaded with a lot of things to do. being a student isn't a good reason. why? because i know a lot of students who doesn't experience the same thing. hay.. this is bad.:(

my prelim exams on different subjects are scheduled next week. i have to study. STUDY!
read hundred of pages. set aside party. avoid television. stop checking my accounts online.

my friend just said, "lamia mag-margarita ron noh?"
we answered, "ayaw sa ron."

wow. i said "no".. good.:) this is the reason i gave:

i'm answering the interactive quizzes about the book i have for my econ exam.:)




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