Saturday, July 12

love it back.

why do i hate economics now? i used to love the subject much. i even made ways in order for me to enroll in econ111 because i thought it can pull my WPA up.. unfortunately, i made a mistake. one thing is for sure, it'll pull my grade down. this is bad.. i can't commit myself to the subject.. i can't STUDY! whenever i start flipping my econ book, i feel like doing something else.. just like what i'm doing now. i'm supposed to study for my prelim exam on the mentioned subject but here i am doing some things online and setting aside my studies..

i'm supposed to read 138 pages of case and fair's principles and foundations of economics book. instead of doing so, i chose to sit on the sofa and face my laptop. i have been doing stupid things online for about four hours. hay.

if i can't, it would not only pull my grade down, it would surely kick me out of the track.

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  1. ud been tagged algene! check it here!


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