Learn the Basics

Enemies and haters can be annoying.
Their comments and insults can upset you.
Learn how to deal with them.
I know, you'll thank me later..

  1. If you don’t know why they hate you, ask them calmly and nicely. If they are nasty to you or start swearing or being violent, walk away and don’t bother trying to talk to them again until they have calmed down or until they talk to you nicely. Some people can be given second chances to realize that you aren’t really a bad person and they have nothing to hate you for. But some people just won’t like you in life, so don’t waste your time fretting about why they don’t like you.
  2. Ignore whatever they say. They are probably only insulting you because they are jealous. No matter what they say, it can’t offend you unless you let it. Just remember when they say something nasty to you, they want you to react. So pretend you didn’t hear it. Don’t acknowledge them or give them any attention for it. If they continue insulting you or bothering you in any way, walk away from them. Don’t look at them or talk to them; just walk away. After a few times of you doing this they will probably get bored and stop picking on you.
  3. Surround yourself with friends and people who like you for who you are. These people will make you feel more confident about yourself and you should realize that it doesn’t matter what haters say as long as you have good friends by your side.
  4. If they start being violent towards you or continue offending you or upsetting you, and ignoring them is not helping, tell them that their behavior is upsetting you and tell them that they have no reason for it. If they still carry on, you will have to learn to stop being upset by their comments and realize that whatever they say is probably a lie.
  5. If you know why they hate you, be mature and apologize if it was your fault. Holding grudges against people and not apologizing can sometimes seem like the reasonable thing to do but in the end, if its your fault, only you can fix it. Apologize to them seriously, and if they don’t accept it, there isn’t much more you can do than ignore them.
  • Her number one purpose it to make you angry, so just KEEP SMILING.
  • Act like she's not affecting your life at all.
  • Never show fear or tears to your enemy or she will be proud of herself.
  • If you want to destroy her and she is kind of destroying you act rich.
  • Ask yourself why you think you need to try to impress people if you are already confident with yourself?
  • And ask yourself why you are so jealous of your enemy that you feel you need to prove something?
  • Remember fake confidence is no subsitute for the real thing and those who are truly confident will know that you're being fake.
  • Just be yourself. Trying to make your enemy jealous just means that she has already won.
  • If you catch her glaring at you, smile back. Give her a nice little "You're so pathectic smile". This will drive her crazy!
  • Write in a diary to let off some steam. Talking to someone helps too.

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