Monday, July 21

Killing the Time

Right after my lunch, I turned my laptop on to study about the different regions in the Philippines for my History test tomorrow. I opened the files (notes) and realized that I don't want to study yet. So I checked my multiply account and saw recent updates wherein two of my friends answered surveys from 

P.S.. I checked the site and found a lot of surveys which can help me kill my time..


I watch movies online.

I write in my diary.

I have a secret crush on someone.
(he's not just someone. he's somebody. hay.)

I have a secret…

… and I’m not gonna tell it.

I’m still a virgin.

I’m not a virgin anymore.

I have kids.

I want kids.

I don’t have kids.

I do my own laundry.

I pay my house bills.

I drive to school/work.

I have driven without a license.
(it was one of the cool things i did.)

I have failed a major exam.
(up days. chemistry. argh)

I love taking pictures.

I hate it when people take pictures of me.

My room is messy.
(no wonder. my friends are even used to it. ako pa kaya.. lol.)

The last time I’ve cleaned my room was, like, a year ago?

I believed in Santa when I was a kid.
I use to collect toy soldiers before…

... even if I’m a girl.

My parents are still together.
(one big happy family. forever.)

My parents are divorced.

I live in a very quiet neighborhood.

I know how to beatbox.

I know how to breakdance.

I have killed a person.

I am very religious.

I love my family.
(suppppeeeerrrrr. it seems that my world revolves around them.)

I hate going to school.

I love studying in school.
(it's cool to be a student.)

I have seen a real ghost.

I’ve been fooled by a guy/girl before.
(that was before. it will never happen again..)

I have never been kissed by anyone in the opposite sex.

I am considered a problem child.

I believe in the existence of zombies… before.

I sing while on a shower.
(even if i don't have a good voice.. lala..)

I almost died in an accident before.

I think Paris Hilton is gay.

I love sports.

I am not a sports type of person. I hate it when I get sweaty.

I love going to art galleries.
(i appreciate arts..)

I want to shop but I don’t have money.

I think I need to change my lifestyle.
(yeah. less party. avoid restos.)

I smoke cigarettes.

I smoke weeds.

I have slept in front of my crush before.

I hate spin-the-bottle game during sleepovers.

I know someone who looks like Ugly Betty.

I want to marry a billionaire.

I don’t want to get married.

I’m already married.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports.

I know how to cook.

I can see dead people.

I have a third eye.

I think Mr. Bean is sssoooo stupid.
(he is. right?)

Mr. Bean makes me laugh all the time.

I think Spongebob is gay.

Emo people are losers.

I have a friend who has his nose hair always out.
I hate it when people say bad words.
I’m diet conscious.

I think Friendster is better than Multiply.

I think Friendster sucks.

I have an account in a dating site.

I hate reunions.

I am not going to ride on a roller coaster… ever!

I’ve been drunk before and vomited in front of many people.

I’m a party animal.

I have slept with someone in the opposite sex on the same bed.
(outing with friends - girls and boys)

I’ve tried scuba diving.

I’m a straight A student in High School.

I’m a loser in College.

I have been bitten by a dog… stupid dog!

I used to have a best friend before and now he’s/she’s my worst enemy.

I had a picture taken with a celebrity.

I am a war freak.

I read a portion of a book before I go to sleep.
(i need to..)

I still have stuffed animals in my room.
(stuffed. stuffed. stuffed!)

I love horror movies.

I want to kill someone right now.

I think Britney Spears is already crazy.

I wish for world peace.
(who doesn't?)

Blind dates are for desperate women/men.

I believe in love at first sight.

I snore while sleeping.

I want to win in a lottery.

I love Charlie Chaplin.

I have a part-time job.

I love singing in Karaoke.

I’ve been in a moshpit before.

I’m used to spitting anywhere.

I’m afraid of heights.

I’m allergic to plastic… people.

I am very frank.
(this is one of the reasons why lots of people don't like me. they just can't understand that i need to tell them the truth even if it hurts..)

I wish I was taller.
(to those who know me, you know why..)

I still watch cartoons.
(kid at heart.)

I can write using my mouth.

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