Tuesday, July 15

i'm so happy.

this is one of my lucky days. i can't believe that all the good things happened in just a day. oh my! this is great. the law of attraction is working.. i started my day with a big smile and i'm sure i'll end this day with a smile too..

my class started at 11am and i wasn't late for my english class which seldom happens. i usually come into the mentioned class late.. :)
i was ready for the oral in my history 111 class. i managed to answer all the questions asked by my teacher. it was such a nice feeling. :)
my natural science 2 (earth science) teacher liked my report about seismology. he even gave me a perfect score plus points. :)
i was walking downstairs when i suddenly saw my crush. yeah, i have a crush now. we even talked for minutes. great. :)
i'm not really into crushes not until i met him.

i went to the chapel with a big smile. :)

i would not share the other things. :p

i still have my last quiz on my major subject, from 6 to 9pm, and i know i will pass.
why? because i studied well.
thanks for this GOOD DAY!

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