Thursday, July 3

fine lady.

the other night:
the doors were opened.
a pretty lady dressed in pink came in.
she walked so slow.
she gave everybody surrounding her a smile.
she looked so pretty, stunning and charming.
she was celebrating her 18th birthday.
it was her time.
it was her night.

i was there.
i witnessed a young girl turned into a fine lady.
it was a privilege for me to be there and to be one of her 18 candles..

i really prepared for her party.
i knew earlier that she would have a good party.
i can't afford being there with a stupid look.

at my friend's room. ang kalat noh?

oh, its pink AGAIN.

first picture taken at the function hall.
(from left to right: shang, yem, sunday, algene, sweet)

a picture with friends and the debutante.

the debutante and her 18 candles.

an all-lasallian picture.
the debutante and her friends from dlsjbc, our dear alma mater.:]

the party was almost over..
the last photo taken with the anna..

before i left the place, i left her a message..


after the party:
instead of going back to my place, i went to a bar with friends.
it was a tuesday night and the place was really quiet.
nevertheless, i enjoyed the night with sweet, yem, em and shang..

since i went home around 2am and slept at around 4am,
i went to school looking stupid..

yes, i have my shades on a wednesday morning.
i have my class at 7:40 am.
i woke up at 6:00.
so, i only have 2 hours of sleep.
the eye bags. hangover.


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