I'm just waiting for the photos to be completely uploaded before I go to sleep. The java uploader says, "time left: about 6 minutes".. i know it's already late but i can't wait 'til tomorrow for these pictures.. i just wanna make sure that i can really upload the pics 'coz i might be doing some things tomorrow even if there will be no class.. you know, students. :|

anyway, JUST WANNA LET EVERYBODY KNOW THAT THE LAST DAY OF MY JULY ENDED NICELY. i was with my friends until the last hour of july 2008 and we were at the cinema house of nccc mall watching the 2nd day showing of "a very special love".. the movie is really nice. super! i'll make a review some other time.. i can't say anything now aside from it's really nice. hihi. *stupid*

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