Thursday, July 31


I'm just waiting for the photos to be completely uploaded before I go to sleep. The java uploader says, "time left: about 6 minutes".. i know it's already late but i can't wait 'til tomorrow for these pictures.. i just wanna make sure that i can really upload the pics 'coz i might be doing some things tomorrow even if there will be no class.. you know, students. :|

anyway, JUST WANNA LET EVERYBODY KNOW THAT THE LAST DAY OF MY JULY ENDED NICELY. i was with my friends until the last hour of july 2008 and we were at the cinema house of nccc mall watching the 2nd day showing of "a very special love".. the movie is really nice. super! i'll make a review some other time.. i can't say anything now aside from it's really nice. hihi. *stupid*

Saturday, July 26

Why D Loves S


I just can't forget this scene from my favorite show. It's a conversation between Serena and Dan.

D: Hey! What are you doing here?
S: I need to know why you love me.
D: Because i do.
S: I really want to trust you when you say those words dan.. so maybe if i knew why, i'd stop being so scared of hearing them and afraid to say them.
D: Okay. Well, if you want to talk about why...
S: It has to do with my mom and her many marriages.
D: There. That's why. Because I actually like it when you interrupt me, which is often, by the way. I love you because you make no apologies about being exactly who you are... beautiful, smart, sexy as hell.
S: Now you're embarrassing me.
D: That's another reason. You're completely unaware of your affect on me. You're also completely unaware that you laugh like a 4 year old.
(S laughs)
D: Just like that. And I love you because you can be with someone like me and still be best friends with someone like Blair.
S: Yeah, well, I tried to be.
D: I know you do, and that's not easy, but you never gave up on her. That is how amazing you are.
S: Well, you're amazing too, for being able to say all of those things, you just are. And I love you... but I have to go.
D: What? What--what is it this time?
S: One of the many reasons you love me.
(gives D a flying kiss)

Here's the video.

I can't wait for the next season which will be aired this September..

Friday, July 25

music video of sarah geronimo's "a very special love"..

I never believed in love
I was deceived by love
I never had much luck with lovers before
And I couldn't compete
I seemed just part of the street
To be walked on by everyone but then

Then I found a very special love in you
It's a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over, it's burning inside
I found a very special love in you
And it almost breaks me in two
Squeezing me tighter
But I'm never gonna let go

You're not like the rest
I know you're one of the best
You give more than you should
And take nothing in return
Stay always with me
And I always will be
The one person that you can count
On always to love you

And I found a very special love in you
It's a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over, it's burning inside
I found a very special love in you
And it almost breaks me in two
Squeezing me tighter
But I'm never gonna let go
But I...

Found a very special love in you
It's a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over, it's burning inside
I found a very special love in you
And it almost breaks me in two
Squeezing me tighter
But I'm never gonna let go
(repeat and fade out)



killing the time 2.

another survey from P.S..




Gloria Jeans

Mocha Blends


Seattles Best

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Hawaiian Coffee

Krispy Kreme

Sa bahay… may Nescafe, San Mig Coffee at KoPiKo!





Alabang Town Center


SM Megamall

SM Mall of Asia

Sm The Block

Tutuban Mall

Tiangge / Bazaars

Sa mga kalye sa Divisoria

Mga Ukay-Ukay sa Baguio


Mamahaling restaurant

Sa Foodcourt

Sa Fastfood gaya ng: Jollibee o McDo

Sa Turo-Turo

Sa Tabi-Tabi


Dunkin Donuts

Mister Donut

Krispy Kreme

Hot Loops

Donut-buy (walang pera)




Circle C





Cherry Foodarama

Champion Supermarket

Sa Palengke nalang…


HipHop / Rap



Techno / House

Rock n’ Roll


Classical Music

Lesson ng titser ko

Tsismis sa kapitbahay


Tinag ako

Wala akong magawa

Maganda kasing sagutan

Wala lang



Thursday, July 24

meaning of ateneo education.

"Some people feel that we are an elite school that cultivates an elite rationality...
Just listen to conversations in the pocket garden where people complain about the heat, their slow laptops and their old school phones...
I think an Ateneo education is more valuable for my daughter than a Cornell or Harvard or Princeton education: because here, we learn to be excellent for something important—our people and our Filipino humanity."

To my fellow parents:

by Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

When my daughter had the chance to finish high school in New York, we agonized about it: I more than her. Her agony centered around the need to moderate her desire to embark on this adventure because she knew it would break my heart. My agony had two thorns. Firstly, I didn’t want her to go because in all our lives, we had never spent more than 2 days apart from each other. Secondly, there was the irony of her studying in the United States. As a nationalist academic and development worker, I always believed that one’s spirit had to be formed with one’s people—among their myths and their sufferings—in order to understand who one is, what one’s responsibilities are and to whom one’s heart belongs. I know to the sophisticated global citizen I would sound archaic and provincial, but I still believe that before our spirit can embrace the world it must be rooted in a home we love. But I knew that the idea of giving up this opportunity was breaking her up inside because, as she said, she might spend the rest of her life wondering what if, so I let her go. She left with the promise that she would come back for college because I still believe that the university years are formative. But we all know how those promises go. Two years in the glitter of a new world could weaken the bindings of promises made in times of great emotions. It has been a year and we are now completely at peace with her decision to leave.

All that I have said is a prelude to why I am writing this piece. I am writing this to explain why I believe her formation in the Ateneo would still be the best for my daughter. I want to clarify to everyone else who raise their eyebrows at me, what I mean when I say that I believe an education here is superior to any ivy league education. Many of my colleagues who know that my daughter has a chance to study in an American university cannot understand why I would prefer that she study here. One of them even exclaimed: “You would prefer that she study here even if she had a chance to study in Harvard!” with a you-are-so ridiculous tone. And to me the answer was “Yes, of course, you’re so ridiculous.” And the reason is simply this: she may get a superior technical education in some top ranking university abroad but only in the Philippines will she have a superior education in being a Filipino for Filipinos.

My daughter wants to be a writer and recently she has had a chance to attend a prestigious workshop in an American university best known as a center for writing. And I was witness to how because of that opportunity, her writing skills have advanced light years from when she left. I have no doubt that if she studied creative writing in one of the US universities known for it, her skills would be strengthened even more. But what would she write about? A great writer is as much about her skill as it is about her great insight. If you have the skill but not the immersion in the profound
realities that have formed your soul, what is there to write about? And who would she write for? A truly great writer is one whose passion is fueled by the need to speak for her people, especially the mute. And to even begin to want to speak for them, you have to be grounded in their misery. One’s people are never generic: they take concrete form in the faces that resonate in your heart. I think an education in her own country would prepare her to face the faces that resonate in her heart and perhaps an Ateneo education could awaken the passion to respond to those faces.

I know that many complain that Ateneans lead a very sheltered life in this campus. In an infinite number of ways that is ridiculously true. In the end, the Ateneo is the Ateneo: a separate world from the world of the margins. But what most people don’t understand about the Ateneo, is that the Ateneo is not just about the majors or the specific programs. It is about a spirit that pervades among its best people.

When I was young, I was ready to quit the Church because I was convinced that there were no intelligent and just Catholics. And then I came to the Ateneo where I met Catholics who strove to serve the margins because of their love of God. And because they loved God’s people, they strove for excellence. That realization astounded me and kept me in the Church and in Ateneo. If anything, Filipino Jesuit education just means to teach people that the love of God means nothing but to love the people who suffer forgotten in the margins, and that we strive for excellence in what we do to serve them best: otherwise excellence and the love of God is empty. What else does faith mean? What else grounds excellence? What else measures the good of a life but that? And if you take Ateneo education seriously enough, and if you are open to its opportunities enough, it will lead you to that realization and it will lead you to your first opening to the faces that you will have to serve. At its core, Ateneo education is an apprenticeship in the work of being a Filipino for others. This is only a slogan so long as one misses out on the living examples of alumni, scholars, administrators, maintenance and staff who show us the way to realizing the truth of an Ateneo education. Open your eyes to those who serve radically and they will radically educate your heart. And if one is open enough one can see that such people dwell in this school because there is a spirit in this school that cradles them and supports their vocation. It is intangible, but it is a spirit that guides the best of us.

Some people feel that we are an elite school that cultivates an elite rationality. Radioactive Sago’s brilliant third album is entitled “… Ang Daming Nagugutom Sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin.” In one gig, Lord de Vera was plugging their album and he said “Bilhin ninyo ang aming album ‘… Ang Daming Nagugutom Sa Mundo Atenista Ka Pa Rin.’” I could understand his sentiments exactly. Just listen to conversations in the pocket garden where people complain about the heat, their slow laptops and their old school phones and anyone who knows anything about the hardships in our country will easily agree with Lord. But then, if you think about it, although some of our graduates are oblivious to the suffering around them and even if some of them do reinforce structures that exploit the suffering, there is that core of Ateneans touched by the spirit of this school who choose to genuinely build communities founded on justice, to found enterprises that serve true needs, to lawyer for the oppressed, and to doctor for the poor. Many innovations of justice building in our country arise because of their apprenticeships in the magis of our service. We just don’t hear about these things because they don’t find their way into our tarpaulins. But the spirit is there and it is the spirit that defines us more than basketball championships or the number of CEOs we produce. Somehow, because of our formation, Ateneans still tend to be idealistic about service. And so I say “Dahil ang daming nagugutom sa mundo kailangan mong seryosohin ang pagka- Atenista.” This is why, my dear fellow parents, I think an Ateneo education is more valuable for my daughter than a Cornell or Harvard or Princeton education: because here, we learn to be excellent for something important—our people and our Filipino humanity.

Dr. Rodriguez is currently an Assistant Professor of the Philosophy Department of the Loyola Schools.
His daughter, Leal, is a freshman in the Ateneo majoring in AB Humanities.
Edited version of “To my colleagues: On the meaning of an Ateneo education” by Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Chalk Marks. The Guidon. Volume LXXV. Number 6.

Wednesday, July 23

loaded with things.

yes, i'm finally back to the place where i belong. i will be spending four days here.. but, i will not just sleep, eat and play during those days. i have to make the requirements asked by my teachers to be submitted next week. here are some:

- management (case study)
- economics (1st quiz - midterm)
- partnership (entries and solutions for admission)
- filipino (memorize talumpati)
- history (autobiography)

they may look easy at first glance but i'm sure it would consume all the time i have here in our place. i have to do those before sunday. or else, i should prepare myself for a small grade.

anyway, here's my talumpati for my filipino class. i still have to memorize this.

Sa Kabataan
Onofre Pagsanghan

- I -

Isa sa mga salitang napag-aralan natin sa wikang Pilipino ay ang salitang “nabansot.” Kapag ang isang bagay raw ay dapat pang lumaki ngunit ito’y tumigil na sa paglaki, ang bagay na ito raw ay nabansot. Marami raw uri ng pagkabansot, ngunit ang pinakamalungkot na uri raw ay ang pagkabansot ng isipan, ng puso, at ng diwa.

Ang panahon ng kabataan ay panahon ng paglaki, ngunit ang ating paglaki ay kailangang paglaki at pag-unlad ng ating buong katauhan, hindi lamang ng ating sukat at timbang. Kung ga-poste man ang ating taas at ga-pison man ang ating bigat, ngunit kung ang pag-iisip naman nati’y ga-kulisap lamang, kay pangit na kabansutan. Kung tumangkad man tayong tangkad-kawayan, at bumilog man tayong bilog-tapayan, ngunit kung tayo nama’y tulad ni “Bondying” ay di mapagkatiwalaan-anong laking kakulangan. Kung magkakatawan tayong katawang “Tarzan” at mapatalas ang ating isipang sintalas ng kay Rizal, ngunit kung ang ating kalooban nama’y itim na duwende ng kasamaan-anong kapinsalaan para sa kinabukasan.

- II -

Kinabukasan. Kabataan, tayo raw ang pag-asa ng Inang Bayan. Tayo raw ang maghahatid sa kanya sa langit ng kasaganaan at karangalan, o hihila sa kanya sa putik ng kahirapan at kahihiyan. Ang panahon ng pagkilos ay ngayon, hindi bukas, hindi sa isang taon. Araw-araw ay tumutuwid tayong palangit o bumabaluktot tayong paputik. Tamang-tama ang sabi ng ating mga ninunong kung ano raw ang kamihasnan ay siyang pagkakatandaan. Huwag nating akalaing makapagpapabaya tayo ng ating pag-aaral ngayon at sa araw ng bukas ay bigla tayong magiging mga dalubhasang magpapaunlad sa bayan. Huwag nating akalaing makapagdaraya tayo ngayon sa ating mga pagsusulit, makakupit sa ating mga magulang at sa mahiwang araw ng bukas makakaya nating balikatin ang mabibigat na suliranin ng ating bansa. Huwag nating akalaing makapaglulublob tayo ngayon sa kalaswaan at kahalayan, at sa mahiwagang araw ng bukas bigla tayong magiging ulirang mga magulang.

Kabataan, ang tunay na pag-ibig sa bayan, ang tunay na nasyonalismo, ay wala sa tamis ng pangarap, wala rin sa pagpag ng dila. Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay nasa pawis ng gawa.

but if you have a better piece,


Monday, July 21

Killing the Time

Right after my lunch, I turned my laptop on to study about the different regions in the Philippines for my History test tomorrow. I opened the files (notes) and realized that I don't want to study yet. So I checked my multiply account and saw recent updates wherein two of my friends answered surveys from 

P.S.. I checked the site and found a lot of surveys which can help me kill my time..


I watch movies online.

I write in my diary.

I have a secret crush on someone.
(he's not just someone. he's somebody. hay.)

I have a secret…

… and I’m not gonna tell it.

I’m still a virgin.

I’m not a virgin anymore.

I have kids.

I want kids.

I don’t have kids.

I do my own laundry.

I pay my house bills.

I drive to school/work.

I have driven without a license.
(it was one of the cool things i did.)

I have failed a major exam.
(up days. chemistry. argh)

I love taking pictures.

I hate it when people take pictures of me.

My room is messy.
(no wonder. my friends are even used to it. ako pa kaya.. lol.)

The last time I’ve cleaned my room was, like, a year ago?

I believed in Santa when I was a kid.
I use to collect toy soldiers before…

... even if I’m a girl.

My parents are still together.
(one big happy family. forever.)

My parents are divorced.

I live in a very quiet neighborhood.

I know how to beatbox.

I know how to breakdance.

I have killed a person.

I am very religious.

I love my family.
(suppppeeeerrrrr. it seems that my world revolves around them.)

I hate going to school.

I love studying in school.
(it's cool to be a student.)

I have seen a real ghost.

I’ve been fooled by a guy/girl before.
(that was before. it will never happen again..)

I have never been kissed by anyone in the opposite sex.

I am considered a problem child.

I believe in the existence of zombies… before.

I sing while on a shower.
(even if i don't have a good voice.. lala..)

I almost died in an accident before.

I think Paris Hilton is gay.

I love sports.

I am not a sports type of person. I hate it when I get sweaty.

I love going to art galleries.
(i appreciate arts..)

I want to shop but I don’t have money.

I think I need to change my lifestyle.
(yeah. less party. avoid restos.)

I smoke cigarettes.

I smoke weeds.

I have slept in front of my crush before.

I hate spin-the-bottle game during sleepovers.

I know someone who looks like Ugly Betty.

I want to marry a billionaire.

I don’t want to get married.

I’m already married.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports.

I know how to cook.

I can see dead people.

I have a third eye.

I think Mr. Bean is sssoooo stupid.
(he is. right?)

Mr. Bean makes me laugh all the time.

I think Spongebob is gay.

Emo people are losers.

I have a friend who has his nose hair always out.
I hate it when people say bad words.
I’m diet conscious.

I think Friendster is better than Multiply.

I think Friendster sucks.

I have an account in a dating site.

I hate reunions.

I am not going to ride on a roller coaster… ever!

I’ve been drunk before and vomited in front of many people.

I’m a party animal.

I have slept with someone in the opposite sex on the same bed.
(outing with friends - girls and boys)

I’ve tried scuba diving.

I’m a straight A student in High School.

I’m a loser in College.

I have been bitten by a dog… stupid dog!

I used to have a best friend before and now he’s/she’s my worst enemy.

I had a picture taken with a celebrity.

I am a war freak.

I read a portion of a book before I go to sleep.
(i need to..)

I still have stuffed animals in my room.
(stuffed. stuffed. stuffed!)

I love horror movies.

I want to kill someone right now.

I think Britney Spears is already crazy.

I wish for world peace.
(who doesn't?)

Blind dates are for desperate women/men.

I believe in love at first sight.

I snore while sleeping.

I want to win in a lottery.

I love Charlie Chaplin.

I have a part-time job.

I love singing in Karaoke.

I’ve been in a moshpit before.

I’m used to spitting anywhere.

I’m afraid of heights.

I’m allergic to plastic… people.

I am very frank.
(this is one of the reasons why lots of people don't like me. they just can't understand that i need to tell them the truth even if it hurts..)

I wish I was taller.
(to those who know me, you know why..)

I still watch cartoons.
(kid at heart.)

I can write using my mouth.