Wednesday, June 4

when love begins.

FORUM: when love begins.

below are the quoted lines i have taken from the movie “when love begins”

♥ “if you know what will make you happy, grab the opportunity. sometimes, there are no second chances” –ben’s old friend in bora to him

♥ “ssshhh. be careful with what you have to say. minsan kasi, may sinasabi ang mga tao na they don’t really mean. they just say it because they feel something at that moment.. ” – mitch to ben (ben was trying to say i love you to mitch)

♥ “you make me happy. i never thought i could be this happy again.” – ben to mitch (ben says this to mitch while talking about his ex-fiance who married another man)

♥ “i’ve seen many failed relationships and they can’t even be friends after the breakup. i don’t wanna lose ben..” – mitch to her friend

♥ “how much more money do you need to make you happy” – mitch to her dad (mitch asked her dad while persuading him to take a rest from work)

♥ “you know i hate it when you do like this – torturing me with your silence..” – ben to mitch

♥ “sometimes, you make me feel that you don’t care for me at all ” – ben to mitch

♥ “i am not you and you are not me. ” – mitch to ben (said while fighting)

♥ “could you please grow up? stop acting like you can save the world. ” – ben’s kuya to him

♥ “you see what i mean. you don’t even allow me to explain ” – ben to mitch

♥ “you just don’t understand him. kaya,you won’t understand why i feel this way ” – mitch to her friend

♥ “we can not go on pretending that there’s nothing wrong. ” – ben to mitch

♥ “no demands, no expectations, no commitments. let’s just enjoy each other while we can..” – ben and mitch to one another

♥ “you have to decide on what to do with that man but you know what I feel and think about him.” – mitch’s dad to her (said by her dad right after finding out that the man who is fighting against his company’s construction due to environmental damage and the man his daughter is spending her time with is the same)


(ben went to the house of mitch after he won the case against mitch’s dad.)
Mitch: i’m hurting ben..
Ben: i know, ilang araw kanang umiiwas..
Mitch: why did it take you so long to take the courage to face me?
Ben: because I’m hurting too..

Ben: you said we would try..
Mitch: yes, i tried. i tried and i failed..

Ben: i’m sorry..
Mitch: no, don’t say you’re sorry.. you just did what you have to do..

Ben: mitch..
Mitch: ben..
Ben: *sigh*
Mitch: thank you..
Ben: for what?
Mitch: for giving me the happiest moments of my crazy life..
Ben: maybe one day..
Mitch: maybe one day, someday..
Ben: maybe someday.. the next time i see you, i tell you..
Mitch: what?
Ben: i will not let you go again, never..
Mitch: i won’t let you leave me..
Ben: *whisphers* i love you mitch (he said for the first time)
Mitch: *watches ben goes away and answers* attorney, i love you too.. (she said for the first time)

******** two years have passed without them seeing each other. mitch went back to america and ben became a famous environmentalist.. ********

♥ “everything is just gonna be fine..” – ben to his family (an answer to his family’s question about mitch)

(at the coffee shop)
Mitch: whatever happens in boracay, stays in boracay..
Ben’s sister: not all the time mitch..

then.. (in bora – at the beach where they first met. mitch went there because she wanted to be be back to the man she loves. thanks to ben’s sister who informed her that ben is in boracay for a vacation..)

Ben: i found you michelle..
Mitch: i found you ben..
Ben: i missed you.
Mitch: i was waiting for you..

HAPPY ENDING. believe me, the movie is some what realistic..

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