Wednesday, June 18

whatever will be..

i'm still on my second week back to school and yet i'm already loaded with a lot of things to do. i hate it and love it at the same time. i hate it because there are a lot of school works and i don't know which among those should i make first. i love it because i'll have reasons why i shouldn't party at night and spend my time with some unimportant things.:)

just like this day, i spent my whole morning (from 7:20 - 11:30) at school attending my classes and buying books. after school, i directly went to my dormitory, watched a movie with a friend and studied on some notes. around 4pm, i went to the bookstore to look for a book which unfortunately i didn't find then headed back to the dorm.. since then, i just stayed at the library reading some articles and answering my accounting assignment. it took me hours before i finished a 4 pages back to back solutions in accounting. it really feels good being able to finish something i know i've worked so hard..

*my work place. so makalat.*
*a cup of coffee. scientific calculator. yellow paper. books. laptop. pen case.
pens. pencils.*

i'm glad i enjoy what i'm doing.
walking on the hallways. going up and down on different buildings. meeting friends anywhere in the campus. getting books from the library. sitting down in a room with irritating classmates. listening to a boring teacher and to an interesting one. sleeping late at night. asking a friend to teach me on some topics. being the beadle in my major subject. searching for informations on the net. waiting for emails from a professor. having different classmates every subject. sleeping late during TTHs. waking up early during MWFSs. getting along with impossible persons. attending a 6-9pm major class. not eating lunch during TTHs. wearing pe uniform every saturday (my worst nightmare). sleeping over my notes and books. drinking coffee to keep me awake. visiting the chapel. carrying books while walking. MANAGING TO PASS MY SUBJECTS.
being an irregular student isn't that bad at all. as what the sbg assistant dean told me this morning, "be the master of yourself. love what you are doing.."

♪♪♪ que sera sera whatever will be, will be ♪♪♪

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